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Drug Testing Methods and Analysis for Employers

As an employer, you have the right to make sure your employees are not abusing illegal substances. You are furthermore entitled to know if the people who work for you are using legal substances, such as alcohol, in excessive quantities.  These occurrences can prevent an employee from fulfilling the obligations [...]

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How Long Does Bankruptcy Take

Bankruptcy is considered a last resort for those whose financial situation no longer permits them to meet their payment obligations. The main purpose of declaring bankruptcy is to absolve one’s debt and offer legal protection from any legal action taken by creditors. The process of declaring either a chapter 7 [...]

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Tips When Travelling with Someone in a Wheelchair

Travel for wheelchair users is more convenient than it was less than 20 years ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. In a world built around people who can walk, being in a wheelchair still makes travel challenging. However, it doesn’t make it impossible for wheelchair users to travel [...]

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Beginners Guide To Augmented Intelligence

 Augmented Intelligence is a relatively new field, much lesser known than Artificial Intelligence. In 2019 the Augmented Intelligence market totaled 9 billion dollars globally. This is projected to grow to over 200 billion dollars in 2025.While many businesses have already begun to adopt Augmented Intelligence and Augmented Reality products and [...]

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7 Tip For Transitioning Your Aging Parents into At-Home Care

As people advance in age they often require help completing day to day tasks they once did for themselves. This is especially true if the individual has some type of neurological disease or cognitive impairment. According to the AARP just over half of individuals 65 years of age or older [...]

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6 Uncommon But Successful Small Business Ideas

You’ve heard it before: Most new businesses go out of business within a very short time. For some, this is within the first several years. Some of this is due to the inexperience of the new business owners but it’s also an issue of uniqueness. That is to say that [...]

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Important Tips To Make Hiking Comfortable And Safe

Hiking can leave one with many memorable experiences. Whereas works weeks blend together no one forgets their personal triumphs over nature. That being said, Hiking is much better done comfortably and safety. Let’s look at some of the basic ways to achieve this. Carry A Flashlight: It is a common [...]

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5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Matters

Bitcoin, you've heard about it, but why should you care? With the news full of stories of price crashes and hacks on exchanges, why would you want to trade your dollars for bitcoin?   The Global Financial System is in Trouble Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the [...]

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Dos and Don’ts When Deciding on Product Suppliers

Running an e-commerce business sounds glamorous. All you need to do is look through YouTube to find dozens of channels telling you how easy it is to make thousands of dollars overnight with an ecommerce business. However, any online entrepreneur involved with e-commerce will tell you that it takes time [...]

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How much hardwood flooring to order

It is impossible to order exactly the right amount of hardwood flooring for your project. Every home remodeling project produces waste material. Of those 12 gallons of interior latex paint you ordered, no doubt you will have a gallon or half left. Hardwood flooring is no exception. Hardwood flooring installation [...]

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