There’s nothing quite like going shopping in your pyjama pants; it’s great. But, as many more people convert to online shopping, translating your real-world bargain-hunting skills can get a little tricky.

How do you spot a sale? Where do you find the bargains? The great news is, it’s a lot easier than you’ve imagined. So, instead of waiting around for Black Friday, you can level-up your skills right now, with these great shopping hacks.

Do a price comparison

Online shopping is fast, convenient and easy to do. You have access to the entire planet’s retail offerings and there are no limits. You can have it all delivered to your front door if you like. And, with so many great money-saving tools make paying high prices a thing of the past.

Price comparison sites, like usave, scan the internet to find what you’re looking for at the best possible price, with very little effort on your part. From broadband deals and mobile phone contracts to insurance and utility providers, compare prices on everything for free.

Leave items in your cart

This is probably one of the strangest hacks on this list, but it works. How often do you go on a site, leave something in your cart and a little while later you receive an email about your cart? That’s because online retailers have a record of abandoned carts.

They’ve got to keep track of these things so that they can retarget you. After all, they need to make that sale. Leaving an item in your cart will alert retailers that you’ve shown interest in their products. They’re prompted to entice you with offers to seal the deal. Voila, you get a discount and they bag a sale.

Use live chat for discounts

You may tend to ignore chatbots when they show up on your screen. Granted, they can be annoying at times. But, what if we tell you that they were worth the effort, especially when looking for deals.

Retailers will interest shoppers with discounts or deals related to an item that you query or show interest in – if you engage them, that is. So, the next time your favourite shop’s chatbot goes off, give it a chance. There may be a sneaky deal in it for you.

Follow brands on social media

Social media has made its mark on the retail space in recent years. Whether they use it as a marketing platform or storefront, most of your favourite brands have a great social media presence. By following their pages, you get access to a bunch of great information, especially when they host competitions, share event information and launch new products.

Go even further by following influencers and ambassadors associated with those brands. They’ll host giveaways and share special discount codes that you can use. There are also Facebook groups and Instagram pages that you can join that are dedicated to finding deals for various things all across the internet.

Clear browser cookies

Just like real cookies that leave crumbs everywhere, so too your browser cookies leave your search traces all over the internet. These cookies give companies a whole lot of information about you. They know where you are, what you like, what you’ve bought in the past, even how much you earn.

Retailers will use this information to target their products to you. They even go so far as to adjust prices. That means you might see a completely different price to say, a first-time site visitor. So, if you want to remain somewhat anonymous and save some money, clear your browser history and any cookie crumbs you may have left behind.

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