Women who marry their talents with a business idea and follow-through can become successful business owners. Many of them are starting their own businesses today, doing everything from walking dogs to bookkeeping.

  1. Cleaning business

If you want to start a business with constant demand and fairly low overheads, a cleaning business may be for you. You can start operating fairly quickly with one team and as long as you’re prepared to work hard for a modest profit and gradual gains at first, you can be very successful over the long term.

The way to start a cleaning company depends on what type of cleaning service you want to provide. You can start one with a janitorial franchise offered by OpenWorks. This gives you the advantage of using a proven business model at a low cost with available financing and guaranteed customers.

  1. Home-based hobby classes

If you have a hobby you’re passionate about and have spent years honing your skills, you can think about starting home-based hobby classes. Pottery, art, jewelry making and flower arranging are just some of the hobbies you could turn into a successful business.

An Instagram page or Facebook account could help you to spread the word as well as word of mouth. If you have good interpersonal skills and an ability to convey your passion to others, you will naturally draw more students to your classes. This business does not require a large investment to get started and it is easy to start small and grow naturally.

  1. Life coach

If you love life and have a passion for helping others to reach their full potential, you may want to become a life coach. Most life coaches help people with their personal, professional or romantic lives. Others may help them make changes to their health.

Learning how to be a life coach does not require certification but it will certainly help. Training and accreditation is often important to clients and can help you to hone skills like active listening and creating a trusting environment. Just like with starting any other business, you will have to register, develop a business plan etc.

A strong digital presence can give you a way to constantly get new visitors to your website and find new clients.

  1. Stock trading

Many savvy women are getting into stock trading today. It can be done from anywhere and allows women to exercise their financial skills. Women who do stock trading need an appetite for risk and a willingness to learn from trial and error.

Those who take an interest in the stock market and regularly study current happenings may enjoy stock trading. It gives them the flexibility to work from home and earn good money once they develop their financial skills and learn how to make sensible investments.

  1. Food service

Many women love to cook and starting a food service can be a viable idea. There are many options for businesses in the food industry. You could decide to help customers who are conscious of good nutrition by providing them with healthy meals that include locally sourced fresh ingredients.

You can basically cook anything that is in demand and supply it to customers in different ways, such as using a kiosk or a food truck. Supplying clients with vegan food could be a great option as more and more people are embracing veganism today.

Even making sandwiches for office workers can be a good way to earn money and give you the benefit of being your own boss.

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