Instagram has become a fun app for most people. But for business owners, it is a serious marketing place where they can sell and promote their products. It’s the most popular social media platform out there, with over 200 million active people sharing images and likes. How great is that? You have to agree that using Instagram is indeed a great app. However, in the past years, many people on Instagram have decided to become, well, influencers. What’s an influencer? It is someone who can influence others’ purchasing decisions due to their strong authority, position, audience, and knowledge.

If you’re a social media lover, you inevitably follow many influencers on Instagram. Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed a growth in the social media world, including Instagram. There are many types of influencers, but the point here is to understand how exactly they manage to have so many followers on Instagram. Do you want to increase your number of followers on Instagram? Check out these tips on how to become more popular on social media platforms.

Become an influencer! 

Influencer marketing is a phenomenon that everyone is speaking about. Being an influencer has become so attractive and normal – it’s no wonder that people want to quit their jobs and be one of them. Well, not exactly quitting your job, but you can do it as a part-time career, though. If you are those who want to become an influencer, then you’ve reached the right place. Before you start on this path, it’s important to choose your niche you’re interested in. You should also have some knowledge in the field to make sure you can call yourself an “influencer.” You’ll have to research and post relevant content on your Instagram profile. Just make sure it’s something you’re passionate about, and you enjoy spending your time on it. Whether you love makeup, cooking, exercising, you name it. Select a combination of two or three interests, but don’t make it too wide so that you won’t confuse people.

Don’t be boring!

Once you’ve chosen your field, the next step is to create engaging content. Learn how not to be boring; people hate watching too long videos about boring things. You might have a passion for dinosaurs, but no one’s interested in what happened on earth thousands of years before. Instead, choose to talk about educating stuff, be funny, ironic, and outrageous – anything but boring. This includes a fun mix of great content on your Instagram. Your bio is the first thing that someone sees when they access your Instagram account. Therefore, ensure that you make a good impression. You should add a short story of a few words engagingly. But be careful to provide pertinent information about you (name, location, contact details). Your Instagram followers will want to recognize you by your name and good-quality profile image, so select one that’s easy to recognize.

Use relevant content

The next step is to post relevant content for your followers. The more you engage with your audience, the more followers and Instagram likes you’ll receive. And that’s the whole point here, to make yourself popular on Instagram. In fact, this is the reason why so many people follow influencers on Instagram – because they provide great content, which makes followers listen to them. So, develop a content strategy, and make sure that you use exactly what your audience will like most. Some influencers keep their profiles updated with their preferred fields, such as fashion, travel, beauty, food, etc. Another important fact to consider is not to mix your personal life with your niche. Maintain your focus only on what’s engaging to your audience.

Use attractive descriptions 

Pictures are beautiful and can inspire a lot of people in many ways. However, posting pictures with no description can be really boring for your followers. Are you looking to gain more followers and Instagram likes? Your photos may be worth a thousand words, but to generate engagement, it’s best to include some beautiful words to describe the images better. It’s a good strategy to improve your writing as well, and build your profile’s voice.

Develop a unique visual style

It’s okay to want to fit in, but on Instagram, you want to make yourself noticed. Creating a unique style on your Instagram profile will help every user to recognize you easily. No matter what you’re saying, look matter! On social media platforms, aesthetics plays such an important role in the growth of an overall success for your profile. Sharing interesting memes isn’t enough; you’ll need to be a lot more engaging than that. Creating a consistent and unique look on your Instagram; it’s one of the main ideas to attract followers to your profile.

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