When selling using online platforms, you can increase efficiency within the business. Leveraging these online platforms can assist a company with boosting their returns and reducing their operational costs.

Choosing the ideal platform can help a business in understanding their prospective clients and their needs. Besides, these platforms can provide a company with the opportunity of reaching out to new markets. Picking the right online platform can, however, be a problem.

In China, Alibaba is one of the largest online platforms to consider. With Taobao, Tmall global, and Tmall as a part of their chain. To succeed in Tmall, you need to understand the requirements that your business has to meet.

Opening a Tmall Account

Using the B2C approach in business indicates that you will meet the needs of your clients. With a Tmall account, you can eradicate any hassles of building a website and creating a brand name for your products. Before opening the account, however, your business has to satiate all the qualifications.

First, you can either be the brand owner or have the authorization to use a specific brand name. Secondly, you ought to know the different storage options that your brand will use. These will entail:

• Specialty store

• Authorized stores

• Flagship store

Product Requirements

After successfully opening an account in Tmall, you need to meet the different products and services requirements. First, you must have a return point for all your products, and the location should be set up in China.

Logistics will be another part of the Tmall requirements. You have to render your products for delivery within 120 hours readily. These products can either be delivered from a warehouse in China or from abroad.

All the information you have within the store page should have a Chinese description. You should appropriate the international metric system and offer a Chinese support option. Finally, your brand has to ship authentic products through Chinese customs and global logistics.

Other Ways of Selling on Tmall

If you want to avoid paying the annual fee to Tmall, you can opt to partner with Tmall agents. This approach will work for small brands since an agent can stock and sell your products through their store page. You can opt for this approach if you want to check your products’ reception in China.

Tmall Payments

For businesses, you must know the channels that Tmall will use before commencing any deliveries and sales. Tmall uses Alipay, Alibaba’s payment processor, to make payments to all their partners. Therefore, you don’t need to set up a bank account.

Your Tmall account is the gateway to receiving the payments. Remember to communicate with your bank to know whether Alipay is a feasible form of payment. If it’s not, consider looking for a local bank that supports it.

How to Sell on Tmall

To achieve success in this online selling platform, you need to work on your business’ branding. In China, branding and business reputation are crucial to the success of your company. Most customers don’t trust new companies or products since they don’t want to take the risk.

Therefore, you must work on building brand awareness to increase your conversion rate. Using an multichannel marketing strategy will be one way to achieving this. Enhancing coordination by having social media presence will be a great way of building your brand’s reputation.

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