Virtual phone numbers are part and parcel of most cloud phone systems. While we know how phone numbers work in general, few of us actually know how they do in the virtual world.

Read on as we explore how the virtual phone system works and why they’re so popular.

  1. Call Routing

What makes a virtual phone number unique is the fact that it’s not connected to a specific phone line or phone device.

Traditional phone numbers are designed to operate with a particular phone line that’s physically installed by a phone company and connected to a particular location such as a business office or a home.

Telephone wires are usually involved in every step of this process to ensure connectivity, and business phone numbers, in particular, come with PBX hardware that facilitates voicemail, extensions, and call routing rules.

As the name suggests, a virtual phone number doesn’t come with any of these wires, making it a more versatile and flexible option.

Virtual phone numbers can be utilized with cloud phone systems, and you can purchase them directly from a provider. Management of the phone number is done through the service provider’s admin portal.

This means that you can change your virtual phone numbers location at any time on your own without the help of a service provider representative.

  1. Local Numbers

With a business phone system that uses a virtual number, you can establish your business in different areas that are outside of your office location.

Incoming calls will cost less, and you’ll be able to take calls from customers in different states and cities.

Just get the relevant phone number straight from your provider and determine its particular destination while ensuring that it’ll be able to ring in your office.

  1. Staff Unification

A virtual phone number is a great way to unite the staff in a company that has multiple office branches. That’s because incoming calls will go across different office branches instead of being limited to only one.

For instance, if your company works with sales reps in different locations, then you can create a ring group of call queues based on the location of the virtual number.

This means that incoming calls will go out to all of the reps that are part of the pre-defined group at the same time. That way, calls can be answered in a timely manner by any of the reps.

  1. Performance Measurement

One of the things that you need to do when running a sales or an advertising campaign is to measure how successful it is.

Instead of using just one business line to take calls, give each campaign a unique virtual phone number so that you know how each campaign is doing individually and can measure results accordingly.

Once you’re done with each campaign, you’ll need to look at past call records for your business to see how many calls were received by each virtual number. This will help you to determine how successful each campaign is.

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