Looking at Instagram usage statistics, its value as a marketing tool is evident. With its number of users marching ever closer to the billion mark, its reach is wide. Over 60 million photos and videos are posted daily, and more than 1.6 billion likes follow them every 24 hours.

Thousands of businesses use celebrity influencers to raise awareness about their products and services to generate sales. Anyone, including businesses, can become an Insta-Success story by creating an influential brand. Here is how:

Create the right profile

If you have been using a regular profile for your business Instagram account, change it immediately. Find the settings icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen and tap it. When it presents you with options, choose ‘switch to business account’ to get the ball rolling. This change offers the business owner several benefits.

First, a business profile lets the user include a contact button on their profile. They can get in touch with you directly from Instagram without having to search for your website online. Second, Instagram offers business profile users access to analytics.

Called Insights, this tool shows you people’s impressions of your posts and how far your Instagram reach goes. It also includes demographics of followers, including age, gender, and location. You can even see users’ most active Instagram hours.

This is vital for timing your posts. Third, a business profile means you can create and publish Instagram advertisements without using Facebook’s ad tools.

Growing a following

When tracking Instagram metrics, most users get hung up on how many followers they have. While this is an important indicator of success, it is not the only one. By buying Instagram views from Famoid, you make a difference in the metrics that count, especially when you are starting your Instagram story.

Your growth rate is critical as it shows whether the posts you publish, including their content, timing, and frequency, are having the desired effect. A second vital metric is engagement rates, which look at likes and comments. What percentage of your following engages with your posts? This answer could change your current strategy completely.

Sponsored Instagram ads

Instagram ads create a lucrative business opportunity. Using this facility is easy and effective. Additionally, you can control how much you spend by setting a budget for one sponsored ad or multiple ads using the platform’s carousel ads feature, which works on Instagram stories. While many might argue that sponsored ads make your brand organically visible, they have many benefits.

First, ads reach people beyond your follower base, facilitating an increased growth rate if viewers choose to follow the page after seeing the ad. Second, ads are targeted by the user to specific demographics that correlate to their target market. Third, you can use existing posts as sponsored ads, so there is no need to do double work.

Use Instagram stories

While you can use carousel ads to feature in Instagram stories, this is not the only way to leverage this option. Instagram stories are a powerful tool to have in your arsenal of Insta-strategies. An Instagram story is live for 24 hours and takes the format of a slideshow. If you save your Instagram story post, you can reuse it in the future.

An Instagram story does not feature in a user’s timeline, instead appearing in an area above it. This draws more attention to these posts. The Instagram story option lets the user utilize different content types, including photos, live videos, short video formats, and rewind videos. Create your videos on other apps and upload them to your Instagram story.

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