The era when men used to dominate the workforce in a society blinded by toxic masculinity are long gone. These are the times when women rise above the ranks in equal measures as men. It is not only in jobs requiring you to go to the office daily but also in those that demand your apprenticeship skills.

The latter consists of many options for women to pick from to suit their tastes and goals. Here are some of the best examples of trades that women venture in and turn out to provide quality results.

HVAC Technician

The world strives to meet sustainable solutions to help in preserving nature. Infrastructures at home and buildings are some of the core elements that need your immediate attention. Women try to provide skilled technical labor for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to spearhead this initiative.

You obtain this knowledge and skill from top vocational careers for the Bay Area, where you learn to be an HVAC technician. You receive training about the many ways of installing and maintaining systems and running a diagnosis.

The institutions teach you about the best HVAC equipment to recommend and the installation methods needed for each. For more details, you can visit, which guides prospective students to enroll in classes and programs to further their knowledge and build careers of their choice.

Electrical technician

Electrical appliances are some of the most dominating equipment used by people all over the world. They sometimes break down and increase the need to have an electrical technician to help fix it. Tapping into this chance makes you stand out in this male-dominated field. The process is very competitive that you must defy the odds and strive to be the best.

You need to read and learn how to interpret blueprints to help in dealing with electrical issues. The knowledge from the many electrical concepts helps to guide you to choose the best methods of installation. Women also find it easy to perform proper electrical repairs.

Construction technology specialist 

Construction technology is best for women who love doing practical work using the latest technology. You often find it easy to maneuver through work with fun while attempting to provide quality work. The use of innovative tools helps you change construction machinery to enhance how their function.

You need to know how to read construction drawings using relevant software to come up with results. Carrying and using bricks often make your hands dirty while working. It is among the many piping and wiring installations you have to carry out in your job.


Welders are in great demand and this has put skilled workers in this trade at the top of hiring lists. It has tremendous potential for skilled women in the welding trade. The American Welding Society estimates that there is a shortage of more than 200,000 welding professionals in 2020. This means women can enter the field easily and build a strong career around it.

A professional welder’s typical duties include using welding machines skillfully, general upkeep and maintenance of welding equipment/machines, and fabricating and joining various metal parts. You read and understand the blueprints related to your project and then work on it accordingly. If it sounds exciting, you must start planning for it now.

Construction management expert

Women construction managers oversee building projects and enhance their completion. You have to manage workers on-site by allocating tasks to different groups and setting deadlines for completion. Your work is to oversee how workers work and always ensure the construction crew remains on toes.

You find it very easy to track finances meant for construction and provide relevant suggestions to enhance the project. You have to apply sustainable design and building practices to help interpret safety codes and follow building guidelines. Achieving this is easy when you have good leadership qualities witnessed through the proper leading of the construction crew.

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