There are so many factors to consider when hunting for a house. The price, location, and size come to mind. Another equally important criterion is the property type. Below we will dig into the pros and cons of property types. Looking at this information will help you understand the best property type that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Apartment and Condo

A condo or an apartment are both one unit found in a larger building. The difference is that you are the owner of your unit with a condo, whereas, for an apartment, you rent the unit. The two options offer various pros and cons regarding the physical living space.


  • Most cover the repairs and maintenance for the common parts.
  • They usually offer extra amenities such as security, pools, and fitness centers.
  • The prices are typically lower compared to single-family residents.
  • The locations are often premium areas such as sea view.
  • They come with an increased sense of community, which can assist in making friends fast.



  • You will have to pay your share of the extra amenities as well as repair and maintenance.
  • Privacy may be an issue.
  • If the garage is not complex, parking may be an issue.
  • They offer limited space, especially personal outdoor space.
  • You are likely to face styling restriction since there may be restrictions on the kind of remodeling you can do.

Single-Family Home

These are the kind of homes most common where a single detached building is built on the land. The single structure usually offers surrounding property that varies concerning the size, location, and architecture.


  • Its most significant advantage is properly space, privacy, and freedom.
  • They are great for a family with children because of the large backyards.
  • They come with the possibility of a pool or at least the space for one.
  • Their value appreciates over time and is easier to sell. When the time to sell your house comes, Very Fast Home Buyers has your back. We will take it off your hands fast and at the best resale value possible.
  • With so much storage space, they allow for more material possession capabilities.
  • Compared to other property types such as apartments, single-family homes usually have lower property taxes.



  • Repair and maintenance can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Their prices are generally higher than for different kinds of property.
  • In some areas, you may be required to pay Homeowners Association(HOA) fee.


These are also known as row houses or terraced houses. They are commonly one or two stories high. The common characteristic is that they share one or two walls with their neighboring townhouse.


  • They offer more privacy and space as compared to condos
  • They cost less than single-family homes
  • They offer tight-knit communities
  • Through a membership fee, the HOA covers the maintenance



  • You have to share a wall with at least one neighbor
  • The HOA fees can be relatively high
  • You have to acquire approval from HOA for renovations

Multi-Family Home

They refer to a detached building that consists of multiple units. It differs from apartments and condos in that it can only have four or fewer units.


  • They are an excellent option for multi-generational families who want to live close to each other.
  • You can finance them as primary homes if you live in one unit.


  • They lack privacy since you share a wall with one of the neighbors
  • It’s less spacious in comparison to a single-family home


As you choose the type of property, you must weigh the pros and cons to ensure that you get the property that suits your needs. It’s our wish that you get the property that fits you perfectly.

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