How can I win bets easily? Well, there is no easy money even in gambling and bettors have to work for their earnings. That people lose money in sports betting as much as they win is a fact. That is lesson number one, your first tip is to approach sports betting with caution, and not hubris or you may burn your fingers.

That said, sports betting still pays if you know how to play smart and work hard at your game. Your deep knowledge of the sport and many years of following may not be enough to beat the bookmakers without understanding how they create betting lines. Here are a few tips on betting smart and making money while at it.

Understand the making of odds

Bookmakers design odds to play on public opinion swaying the majority towards one side as the house and smart bettors collect on the other. You must learn this trend to develop a pattern that you can rely on to win most of the time though not always. Along this line of thinking, seek better value in events expected to generate greater public interest for better winnings.

Avoid bookmakers that get panicky, ban their successful customers, and look for those with a flexible business model that allows a win-win situation for all.

However, the key is in researching the betting lines of the sportsbooks you expect to wager on to predict patterns. Without understanding this, you will be betting more on instinct than analytical evaluation of the odds and any winnings will be purely on luck without consistency.

Learn to swim against the tide

The irony in sports betting is that the team with less public appeal has better value for gambling pundits. This means that at times to easily win where many are losing, you have to think and act objectively and go for the underdog.

The main reason many are walking away (and off the cliff) is subjective based on public perception without empirical data to back them up.

To understand this concept, you can do a practice run at CentSports, the trusted online betting site for free betting and see yourself win as the majority loses. An important thing to watch out for in sports betting is the pedigree of otherwise superior teams facing a temporary bad run as this could make all the difference when expected to lose.

Bet modestly

Betting of any kind is a game of patience and any unbridled greed can bring you to grieve. Bet to win, yes, but take on what you can handle and always nurse your bankroll for tomorrow is another day. Do not go crazy over multi-bets and parlays with the hope of scoring big on impulse without due analysis of the odds and the value factor.

The value factor is very important when handling high stakes and multi-bets if you play to make a profit. The catch here is that you could win but with diminishing returns that do not make any investment sense worth your effort and time.

To win you need a decent bankroll

It takes money to make money and the same applies to betting. Sports betting runs with the league seasons and you need to play consistently across the season to realize any substantial gain.

Therefore, set aside your bankroll for the season and the units you will be betting from it on individual games. The units may be small but you are good at recognizing the true value in betting lines, then your cumulative winnings will be handsome.

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