Small businesses, as well as medium to large businesses, all follow the same tax processes. Some of these businesses find the nature of tax returns to be complex, frustrating and even intimidating – enough to make them delay completing their tax returns. A tax relief company works to reduce and even eliminate tax debt, so we look and see how they can offer relief for a company.

IRS help

Dealing with the IRS can be so stressful. If you can’t pay your IRS in full, think about submitting an Instalment Agreement Request with your return. If you owe less than $10 000, the IRS can’t deny a request for an installment agreement.

However, you should still pay as much as you can with the return as you are charged interest on tax not paid by the due date. This is even if your request for an installment agreement is approved.

An Instalment Agreement is usually available to those who can’t pay their tax debt in full at one time. With the help of a tax relief company, you strike a better deal and you can maybe even make smaller payments each month until the entire debt is paid.

Make an appointment 

The tax relief companies offer some useful tax resolution services, dependent on the financial situation of the business as well as conformity with the IRS. The idea is to book yourself a free tax consultation meeting with them where you see a tax relief representative who discusses your current financial situation and tax status.

Fortress Financial Services Inc. is a BBB accredited business and has been resolving tax liabilities since 2003. They know that relief from unpaid back tax comes in many forms, such as tax lien avoidance, installment agreements, penalty abatements and much more. They are a national tax resolution company that will be in touch with taxing authorities on your behalf.

Their mission is to resolve your back tax liability and save you thousands of dollars in tax relief. You’ll be working with licensed tax attorneys who are dedicated to tax resolution cases. 

Tax resolution

Tax Resolution can help businesses with resolving back tax problems. Many a business has come to dread the name ‘Internal Revenue Service’. This is because they know the IRS has the power to freeze bank accounts and garnish wages. You don’t want to negotiate such people on your own.

A tax relief company gets into action when a business calls them because the IRS wants to now forcibly recover unpaid taxes, which can take the form of a tax lien on your property. The IRS also takes your assets by means of a bank levy.

This is where the government issues a levy to the businesses bank, demanding the taxes owed be turned over. A tax relief company can advocate on the company’s behalf and negotiate favorable terms with the IRS tax authorities.

Contending with levies and notices

Some businesses are left reeling when they are given all kinds of complicated notices of action taken against them. This is from the IRS using every method they can to contact the erring taxpayer. The business sometimes doesn’t have a clue how to contest or appeal to prevent levies.

They don’t understand levies and installment agreements. They are often tempted just to ignore these notices, not realizing that this can result in their case escalating to collections where the business can even get a personal visit from an IRS agent.

Together with a tax relief company, communication can commence with the taxing authorities to resolve issues like this. When you call on the services of a tax resolution company, they assess your tax problems and speak on behalf of your business.

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