Most of us have got the coronavirus precaution-drill pretty much as routine in our homes – the washing of hands, using alcohol-based sanitizers to clean surfaces, not allowing visitors into our homes and generally seeing that everything is nice and clean.

But what about actual safety around the home now that the kids are home from school? What can we do to ensure our homes are made even safer during these chaotic times?

The swimming pool area

Drownings happen all the time, leaving families devastated by the loss or very often the permanent brain damage of a beloved child. Are you sure your swimming pool has fences, locked gates and safety nets so that kids, even older ones and those that can swim, can’t access the pool?

Younger kids need constant supervision around the pool or any water for that matter. Did you know that small kids can drown in just 5 centimeters of water? If your pool is of concern, call pool-safety equipment companies and look at their safety equipment. You get wristbands that can activate an alarm if your child does tumble into the pool accidentally while you’re indoors.

Prevent burns and even death

We rely heavily on electricity in our homes but without the proper safety measures in place, electricity can cause serious injury with burns and even death. All children need to be made aware of the dangers of electricity. You can’t afford to have worn and frayed electrical cords on the kettle and toaster.

If you have any electrical concerns, a reputable, licensed electrician can address all your issues. To keep up to date with the changes in electricity, the certified electricians at Bates Electric have ongoing training and serve the St Louis metro area and further afield.

They offer same-day services to quickly restore peace of mind that nothing has been left to chance. You can call them 24/7 and conveniently request their services by filling in their short online form.

Gun safety

How many parents haven’t been delighted with the quietness of their kids – being happily amused with something that’s keeping them totally absorbed? Imagine the horror when the peace is shattered by an explosive shot coming from the room? Guns in the home are always fascinating for kids and should be locked away in a space out of reach of children.

It is madness to think you can store a loaded gun under your mattress or bed because kids are masters at getting into everything. Certainly, if a gun is stored in such a place, it should be unloaded. You need a good, lockable gun safe suited to the type of gun you own. Several states have laws concerning firearm storage and locking devices.

Safety with windows

Kids staying at home during school closures come from all walks of life. Many live in an apartment in high-rise buildings.

Bored children get up to all kinds of things and a window with tempting sounds coming from outside may encourage a child to investigate. Some of the most traumatic accidents at home come from kids falling out a window and plunging to their deaths.

Find a way to prevent this happening by installing window guards or thinking of a way to allow windows to only open up enough to allow a breeze in and nothing else.

Also, if you have blinds at a window, wherever you live, those cords can cause problems such as strangulation when children play with then. They need to be pegged up and completely out of the reach of small children.

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