Understanding why dogs behave as they do makes things a lot easier for the people they share their lives with when dogs behave differently than expected. Dogs have evolved to live with us, but sometimes exhibit behaviors that seem puzzling. Knowing more about why dogs behave as they do helps owners understand more about some of these behaviors. Read on or visit Our Fit Pets to learn more about some of the most common actions.

  1. Digging in the Yard

Dogs will often dig in a yard, and there are many reasons they do this, according to The Spruce Pets. Sometimes dogs dig to provide a cool spot or try to hide toys or other possessions. However, more common reasons for dogs to dig are anxiety or boredom. When a dog starts digging for such purposes, it is good to avoid leaving them outside unsupervised.

  1. Butt Sniffing

Dogs sniffing each others’ butts might seem like odd behavior to people, but it is the canine counterpart to a handshake. Because dogs have such a strong sense of smell, they can discover the other dog’s gender, mating ability when applicable, and additional information. Allow dogs to sniff, as long as there are no overt signs of hostility. However, you may have to exercise caution if your dog tries to greet other pets, like cats, in the same way.

  1. Licking Peoples’ Faces

When dogs lick their family members’ faces, it would be very accurate to describe the gesture as kissing. The most common reason for dogs licking is because they are seeking attention. However, you don’t have to allow your dog to lick if you prefer that they don’t engage in this behavior. Reward your dog every time they refrain from licking, and you should see less of this behavior.

  1. Butt Scooting

Even though the sight of a dog scooting their butt is kind of funny, there is often a reason dogs engage in butt scooting. In many cases, dogs have anal glands that need to be expressed. Skin irritations can also be a cause for this behavior. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to check out your dog’s but to make sure there isn’t a problem.

  1. Tail-Chasing

The sight of a dog chasing their tail is one of the funniest things that a dog owner is likely to witness. Tail-chasing is useful for a playful activity that dogs due to alleviate their boredom. When a dog chases their tail obsessively, there may be a behavior issue you need to address to your vet. If your dog is catching and chewing on their tail, you might need to consider where they have a skin issue that you need to address.

  1. Head Tilting

Head tilting is often one of the most endearing gestures that you’ll see a dog make. Curiosity is one of the most common reasons that dogs tilt their heads. Sometimes, the tilting is to see or hear something better. Should this be a normal posture, however, you may want to consider having it checked out.

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