One common concern about cannabis consumption is how long a high lasts. If you’re a first-time user, you may be particularly concerned about how long it will last so you can plan accordingly. In fact, it can be quite difficult to determine how long your high will last because it depends on a variety of different factors. Here are some factors to consider. 

  1. Quality of the strain

Cannabis comes in many different strains, each of which has different attributes. Certain strains have a higher concentration of THC and can make your high seem longer because the effects are more pronounced. 

If you want to experience a pleasant high, it is best to take a hit at a time and wait for a minute or two before you inhale any more. Weaker strains containing more CBD than THC lead to a mellow high that will probably only last a few hours. 

  1. Your consumption method

The way you consume your cannabis will affect how quickly you feel high and how long the high lasts. Oils and tinctures are placed under the tongue to allow direct absorption into the bloodstream. You will experience the effects quickly and they will last for two to four hours. 

If you smoke cannabis, it enters your bloodstream rapidly through your lungs and you will feel the effects quickly. It usually takes under half an hour to feel the full effects and after this, the high starts to slowly wear off over the course of the next hour or two. 

Smoking is one of the most common ways to consume cannabis and many different tools are used for smoking, including joints, blunts, vape pens, bongs and dab rigs. Consider trying a Hemper Box from, a monthly subscription box that contains at least 10 smoking essentials, including a quality glass piece. 

If you consume edibles, the cannabis has to go through your digestive system to reach your bloodstream. Anything you put in your mouth and swallow is considered an edible. It will take an hour or two to feel the effects and they will last for about six hours. 

  1. The way your body works

Your body will metabolize substances differently to someone else. If you have a slow metabolism, you may find your high lasts longer than someone who metabolizes chemicals faster. Your age, height, weight, and health will also play a part in how you respond. 

  1. Your tolerance

Your familiarity with cannabis and how you adapt to its psychoactive effects can influence the length of your high. If you’re new to cannabis, your tolerance will be low and a high is likely to last longer. 

When you are more accustomed to using it, you may find your high doesn’t last as long. Your personal expectations and previous experiences may also have an influence on the length of your high as well as concurrent use of cannabis and other drugs or alcohol. 

  1. The amount you consume

One important factor that affects how long your high lasts is your dosage. High dosages of cannabis will lead to longer-lasting highs. However, smoking large quantities of cannabis in the hopes that you’ll be high for longer is not a good idea. It is better to start slow and give yourself time to feel it out. 

  1. Your surroundings 

Consuming cannabis in unfamiliar surroundings may make you feel exaggerated effects that could last longer. Smokers often find that they get higher in a specific setting. If you are around people you’re unfamiliar with, your high may last longer due to increased feelings of anxiety. 

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