The Coronavirus pandemic means that parents have many more hours to try and keep kids entertained. Unlimited screen time is not the best way for them to spend their day. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to keep them entertained that don’t require leaving home. Here are five creative ideas that will entertain them for hours. 

Some of them require more supervision than others, such as making soap, whereas creating a cardboard city is something that many kids can do completely on their own. 

  1. Create a cardboard city

With all your home deliveries, you probably have plenty of cardboard boxes available. Add cereal boxes and other types of food packaging to your store. You will also need scissors, markers and other art and craft supplies you probably have stored somewhere. 

Tell your kids you want them to design a city, including buildings, vehicles and other elements. This project can take them a full day and once it is completed, they can also use their city as a backdrop for playing with action figures, racing cars and whatever else they can imagine. 

  1. Give a weather report

Staying at home all day is a good opportunity to pay more attention to the weather. You can even use the Smithsonian Science Education Center to teach your kids more about air masses, currents etc. When they know more, you could get them to do a weather report. They can prepare for it by checking the weather outside and creating props like pictures of the sun, wind, rain, storms etc. 

If the temperature inside your home is unbearable because you need AC repair in Houston has 5 Star Repair Services Inc. you can call. A customer service rep may even be able to diagnose your problem over the phone and give you a firm price for repairs. You can use this as a learning experience to teach your kids more about temperature. 

  1. Have a show and tell

Show and tell doesn’t have to happen only in the classroom. Have each family member select an item they want to share and talk about. 

You can give this activity some structure by asking them to select an item they would take to a deserted island or one that helps them to distress the most. When you get everyone together, give them all a chance to talk about the item they selected and why they chose it. 

  1. Have a ‘create a snack’ competition

Kids are always entertained by any activity that involves treats. This activity does not require a stove or oven. Choose ingredients that will inspire creativity like chocolate chips, peanut butter or marshmallows and create a mystery basket of ingredients for each kid. They must use the ingredients in the basket to come up with their own creative snack. 

  1. Craft some hand soap

There’s never been a more relevant DIY project to do. Find the materials and the directions you need online to make some handmade soaps. It’s a great opportunity to ask your kid questions like, “What do you think happens to soap when it’s been in the microwave?” 

You can also use the opportunity to educate them on the importance of handwashing. Your kid will enjoy stirring in some color dye and can even add fragrance to the soap by adding a drop or two of essential oils or natural elements like citrus peels. 

You may need to tweak some of these ideas to suit kids of certain ages or who have specific interests. This is a good time when you can all bond as a family, have fun and even learn some new things together. 

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