There are so many factors that can affect the settlement amount of a personal injury case and in some instances, you don’t get any compensation.

To recover damages in a lawsuit based on negligence, the defendant’s negligence must be a cause of your injury. With asbestos-related cases, the defendant is most time negligent. Then you’re entitled to compensation. 

You may be right for asbestos litigation

There are so many types of cancer lawsuits on the go, and one of them is Mesothelioma Lawsuits. If you have the burden of mesothelioma, then you too may be right for asbestos litigation.  

In fact, you may be thinking of filing an asbestos lawsuit yourself and be wondering how much you will be able to recover. Many lawyers don’t tell you precisely how much your case is worth because there are so many factors that can influence a settlement.

You can see justice being served

With the best mesothelioma lawyer, you can discover how much your case might settle for by making use of their mesothelioma case value calculator. Not only that, it can be so comforting to have a knowledgeable, experienced mesothelioma lawyer with a proven track record on your side. 

Lawyers like this have already helped so many clients go from being helpless, sick and financially bereft to getting the compensation they’re entitled too. And the clients finally feel as though some justice has been found because the company who had the ‘could-care-less’ attitude will now have to cough up.

Some people don’t get an average settlement 

There have been plaintiffs in lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, for instance, who claim that the company’s baby powder caused them mesothelioma, and a jury awarded the one plaintiff $27.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages. 

Another received more than $300 million as compensation. This is huge, and you can’t rely on amounts like this as the average mesothelioma lawsuit settles for about $1 million.

However, there have been other examples of lawsuits that reach much higher numbers. One jury awarded the family of a retired civilian worker in the U.S. Navy $17 million in damages. He died after he developed mesothelioma from working in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

The pain and suffering is huge and ongoing

The biggest part of damages in a personal injury lawsuit is the pain and suffering that a person endures from the ‘damage. Not every lawsuit will pay out the same because a plaintiff with mesothelioma and who is on oxygen, for instance, will require more compensation than the person in the early stages of lung cancer. 

Apart from the pain and suffering, a plaintiff is also entitled to the money they lost because of having to take time off from work. Also, the value of your lost income will be determined according to what you were earning.

What compensation can you claim?

Getting justice from the company that made you sick is important. The reason for this is that the financial costs involved with these diseases are huge and ongoing. You may even have to sell your home to pay for your medical expenses. 

Winning compensation means that the financial side of things needn’t be an ongoing concern for you and that you can actually get the treatment you deserve. You’ll be compensated for medical bills, travel costs to get to all your treatments, lost wages from not being able to work, physical pain as well as emotional suffering.

By filing a lawsuit like this, you’re holding huge companies such as Johnson & Johnson accountable for endangering the lives of their workers. The lawsuit will allow you to collect the damages you deserve. 

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