A recent study concluded that 85% of people use the internet to search for products or services. The fact that the vast majority of the population uses the web to meet their shopping needs has many implications for small businesses. Let us look at a few of the ways in which an online presence impacts one’s small business.

Increases Visibility And Brand Awareness: If 85% percent of people are using the internet when looking for a product or service it would follow that being on the internet will increase a business’s visibility and brand awareness.

Social Media is a great tool that small businesses can use to interact with their customer base and increase their visibility. If one can have people follow their small business on sites like Facebook and Instagram it ends up becoming free publicity as long as the social media account is maintained.

Businesses compete with one another for visibility and ranking in search engine queries. It is important that a business search engine optimizes its website. Many agencies, such as this local SEO company, offer quality SEO services at competitive rates.

Creates Superior Communication Channels: Most people prefer to make product or service inquiries via email or social media platforms. An online presence affords this option to potential customers. The prevalence of large businesses answering customers through social media platforms like Facebook is a testament to customer preferences. 

Increases Marketing Efficiency: Digital marketing is superior to traditional marketing in many ways. For starters, it allows a business to target customers who are most likely to purchase one’s products or services. This is because online advertising platforms such as Google AdSense and Facebook Ads, target customers who recent internet activity, such as search engine queries, suggest they would be likely to respond positively to a particular ad.

Online advertising platforms compete heavily for advertiser dollars and for this reason they have developed sophisticated algorithms to deliver the best value to their clients. Without an online presence of some kind, it is very difficult to effectively use these available platforms.

Increases Customer Communication and Brand Loyalty: Consumers are much more likely to be loyal to the brands they have some form of interaction with. Having a social media presence allows customers to communicate, share, and interact with a business and whatever content they produce on their social media page.

Increases Professionalism And Trust: A business that does not have a website or web presence of any kind is likely to appear unprofessional to the average customer. This is because people have become so used to using the internet to research products or services.

Consumer trust is also a big factor that comes along with web presence. Having a web presence gives the customer the impression that a business takes responsibility for the quality of their products or services. It also gives the customer an avenue to communication should they have an issue.

Furthermore, it affords customers the ability to rate and review a business which, assuming one has confidence in their businesses products or services, is free, high quality, advertising.

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