Hiking can leave one with many memorable experiences. Whereas works weeks blend together no one forgets their personal triumphs over nature. That being said, Hiking is much better done comfortably and safety. Let’s look at some of the basic ways to achieve this.

Carry A Flashlight: It is a common story, hikers get lost before making it make to the trailhead before dark. They attempt to use their phone light which, everyone knows, has poor battery life. In an hour or so their phone is dead and they have no light. 

It seems so simple, and it is, yet most people neglect to pack a little 6-inch flashlight in the backpack when they go hiking. One never knows what can happen and even the most experienced hiker can get lost.

Hike With Proper Footwear: This falls under both safety and comfort. Proper footwear can mean the difference between a slip and a broken ankle or just a slip. The footwear should be fitting for the terrain and climate and offer good ankle support. Many options for men’s and women’s hiking boots exist. The buyer should try them on first and give them a walk around the store to see if the comfort and fit is up to their satisfaction. Remember, these boots will be what carries an individual over rough terrain for many miles, so it is best to choose well.

Breathable Hiking Pants: While hiking, you can always shed layers above the waist as required, but below the waist is a different story. For the sake of comfort, investing in a quality, lightweight, breathable, and durable pair of pants can improve the quality of one’s hike greatly.

Inform Family or Friends of Hiking Plans: Many people who have lost their lives in a hiking accident didn’t die from a fall or slip itself, they died because no one knew they were missing or where to look for them. 

It often isn’t enough to give the name of a trail network or trailhead either, as most have trails that expands out in different directions over large distances, so, if possible, stating the exact trail one plans to take is even better.

Proper Backpack: Not all backpacks are made equal. Having one that offers proper lumbar support with the abdominal strap is ideal, especially for those going long distances. Poorly placed loads cause an individual to lean forward over their toes to compensate. This causes more strain on the person’s pelvic region and knees as well as the neck. The long term effects of this can lead to back issues and other joint pants.

Stay On The Trail: Most people who go hiking don’t get lost, but most who do get lost hiking went off the trail at some point. The trail may seem clearly defined when one is on it, but stray just a few meters from it and it can be difficult to find again. It can also be much more difficult to be found should an accident occur off trail.

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