There’s nothing worse than hiring an employee who looks perfect on paper, but who turns out to be a massive disappointment after they start. Don’t be too hard on yourself if this has happened. Few business owners can say they get it right every time. 

Before you even start looking for employees, sit down and ask yourself what type of qualities you need from the people who work for you. For example, if you work in a pressurized environment, an employee must be able to work according to tight deadlines. 

Here are some ways to find the right employees: 

  1. Look within the organization

When you have a job opening, consider candidates who are already working for you. They are already au fait with the company culture and what you expect from your workers. There is often someone working for you who has the potential to thrive if you promote them. 

Encourage your employees to look upward in the company ladder and apply for promotions. Offer them the opportunity to go on training courses or get certifications that make it possible for them to apply for a promotion. 

Make it part of your corporate culture to promote the development of employees. Knowing that there’s room for career growth ensures employee loyalty and low staff turnover. 

  1. Hire novices

Recruitment research indicates that companies are often reluctant to employ newcomers to the job market, citing the reason that the person has no experience. While their reasoning is logical, they could be missing out on some potentially great workers. 

A lack of experience does not mean a lack of ability. It is a risk to take on a novice, but the reward of finding a good employee should balance it out. Inexperienced employees are also easy to mold into the company culture. 

Those who have worked at other places may struggle to adapt to how your company operates. Novices know no different, which makes them more likely to assimilate more easily. 

  1. Make sure your company is visible

Your company should be one that people know about. It’s not enough to make your job advertisements visible. Make sure that your organization is one that prospective employees have heard of and has a reputation for being a good place to work. 

Sustain a strong social media presence to create your company’s presence in the market. Place your job posts on multiple platforms to reach the most extensive pool of applicants possible. While it is important to focus on the job description and salary offer, don’t forget to include the perks your company offers. They will attract more applications. 

  1. You’re never off duty

Even when you’re not working, be on the lookout for potential employees. The waiter at your favorite restaurant who offers friendly service might be the perfect fit as a customer relations officer at your company. There’s a good chance they’re looking for employment that pays better than their current job. 

Use your network of friends, family, current employees, and business contacts to find out about people who have the potential to work for you. The ideal employee could be a phone call away. 

  1. Do your due diligence

Once you’ve identified a potential employee, do the relevant checks on them. People often present themselves one way in an interview and turn out to be the exact opposite after they start working for you. 

Speaking to people who know the person can reveal a lot about them. Run criminal record and credit checks. Browse their social media accounts. However, don’t rely on them to present an entirely accurate picture of who they indeed are.

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