There is all sorts of advice that you receive once you become a parent. You might receive some advice from a respected friend that you will remember for the rest of your life, or it might be offhand advice given from an acquaintance that might not particularly apply to your family. Either way, one thing is for sure: multitasking is one of the skills that will help you become the best parent that you can be, given that more time than ever will now be dedicated to your child.

Waiting Time

Life would be incredible if there was no such thing as people being late. At the end of the day, however, there are all sorts of reasons for people to be late with regards to their commitments. It might be traffic, an unexpected call, or simply the fact that they double-scheduled. Regardless – as a parent, any time that you spend “waiting”, you could be doing something else. If you’re waiting for a co-worker at a lunch spot, and they are still at the office – break out your phone and organize your schedule. For example, you might be able to catch up with texts or e-mails while you’re waiting at the table. If you’re at a doctor appointment, and it turns out that you have to wait 30 minutes – use that time to make that call to a schoolteacher, family member, or old friend. A waiting room can end up being a place to remain productive, if you change your mindset. If you’re “waiting” – you could be “doing”.

Shopping/Paying Made Easier

There’s no reason to make your errands any more intense that they need to be. Technology now allows us to order whatever we need online. The truth is that the pricing is competitive. Why spend time and money heading over to a retail store when you can have the same items delivered? This could end up saving you hours per month, or even week! You can also even have your bills on Auto-Pay, so you don’t have to spend time calling up various businesses to pay bills. These two things alone can make it so that you end up saving massive amounts of time and/or energy. This even applies to shopping for groceries, as well!

Learning/Relaxing During Downtime

The truth is that when your kids are bathing or sleeping, you can use that time in order to catch up on whatever you need. We all might have audiobooks or podcasts that we enjoy. We might relax while our kids are sleeping or bathing – but why not catch up on something that we can learn from, or relax with? All you need is a quality headset or headphone, and you’re all set! We all know that an awake child is a busy child, so you might as well take advantage of downtime!

Never Enough Food

If there’s one thing that you know about kids, it’s that they are growing, and you can never have enough food. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be cooking a little more than you should be. After all, that’s what the freezer is for! If your child is of a certain age, there’s a good chance that playdates will come over, and you should always have something to offer your guests. If your child is growing up, then the food is also perfect for neighbors and sleepovers, as well. At the end of the day, if need be, you can always eat the extra food as a late-night snack!

This saves last-minute cooking that you might have to do randomly, because your kids complain that they are hungry, or because someone comes over that you didn’t expect. This is an absolute easy way to save time. A great way to multi-task? Listen to some music that you enjoy, or an album that you’ve been meaning to check out, while you cook the extra food!

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