The Greatest of All Time

  Entertainment Weekly is currently in the middle of huge, tournament-style competition that asks their readers that eternal comic book question: Who is the Greatest? When I first saw this poll, I found myself absorbed with the question. Obviously, I have stated on this blog who my favorite is on [...]

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Make Mine Miles

If you read this blog, you are hopefully aware of two things: 1) Spider-Man (specifically Ultimate Spider-Man) is my favorite superhero 2) He died. In the past couple of weeks though, just after I wrote Peter Parker's obituary, Marvel revealed who would succeed him as Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe, [...]

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Peter Parker RIP

Peter Benjamin Parker, Ultimate Spider-Man, has died after succumbing to injuries at the hands of the Norman Osborn and a gunshot wound from protecting Captain Steve Rogers of the Ultimates. He is survived by his aunt, May Parker, his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, his roommates and friends, Johnny Storm (publicly [...]

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Does whatever a Spider can

This past week, Spider-Man’s flagship book, “The Amazing Spider-Man,” hit issue 600. Now this is quite the feat in the world of comic books. 100 issues are usually unheard of for most books to reach, so 600 is a milestone. It also cements Spider-Man’s place as Marvel Comics’ most prominent [...]

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