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More Man than Iron – Comic Film Reviews

Iron Man poster

What does the world look like after “The Avengers?” In our world and Marvel’s, that is the question facing the characters in “Iron Man 3.” Following the huge success of Marvel’s “The Avengers,” how can these films return to their original, stand alone nature? Is that even possible? And, for Tony Stark, as the trailer suggests, even he isn’t sure how to continue after fighting an alien invasion alongside a god, a beast, and a legend. How do you deal… Read More »

The Greatest of All Time


  Entertainment Weekly is currently in the middle of huge, tournament-style competition that asks their readers that eternal comic book question: Who is the Greatest? When I first saw this poll, I found myself absorbed with the question. Obviously, I have stated on this blog who my favorite is on SEVERAL occasions (Spider-Man), but it is always a fun debate to get into, especially with this bracket set-up. Now, EW.com just finished their first round of voting and as I went through… Read More »

May 7th, 2010


May 7th, 2010. Remember this date because it is when “Iron Man 2″ comes out. There is a great trend within the superhero genre and that is that the first sequel is always spectacular when compared to the original. “Superman” vs. “Superman 2.” “Batman Begins” vs. “The Dark Knight.” “X-Men” vs. “X2.” With all these movies, the sequel has surpassed the original in every way, thus the excitement for “Iron Man 2.” The first brought Robert Downey Jr. back to… Read More »