This week…

Hello Four Colors readers. This week is going to see the debut of some new features to Four Colors. With the relaunch of this blog, I have thought about what to do to make this blog new and exciting for readers (as well as being new and exciting for me [...]

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Four Colors. Season 4

Every great comic book character has a resurrection story and now, so does Four Colors. I debated back and forth with how I was going to start the blog back up. Initially, I was going to just skirt past the elephant in the room, which is the fact that there have [...]

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Coming Soon…

There is a lovely time ahead of us. Summer time is almost here and that means infinite free time (except for work). But there is no homework, no extra commitments. Nothing. And, as we enter summer, we enter a strong time for Four Colors. There will be quite a bit [...]

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Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday

Welcome to Four Colors. This blog is about one thing that I am extremely passionate about: comic books. The term “Four Colors” is from the original four colors used to print comics when they first were published: cyan, yellow, magenta and black. It has since become a pet name for [...]

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