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Tonight in Comics…


Real quick post! Wanted to share about two events happening in Petaluma and San Francisco TONIGHT! In Petaluma, author Joe Hill (of Locke & Key fame) is going to be at Copperfield Books, discussing his new book, “NOS4R2″ In San Francisco, Four Color Friend Alexis Fajardo will be at the Cartoon Art Museum celebrating the release of his new graphic novel, “Kid Beowulf and the Rise of El Cid,” along with the opening of his exhibit as part of the museum’s… Read More »

It’s a Four Color Post, Charlie Brown


There are a few things that I really regret in my life. My performance in college, failing Chemistry in high school, a few relationships that I royally screwed up (and the ones I never let happen). Among those is that I never wrote to Charles Schulz. This past month, BOOM! Studios (through their children’s line, KaBOOM!) began a new Peanuts comic book series, which follows last year’s graphic novel, Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown. For a long time… Read More »

Four Colors Season 3

Season 3

Welcome to Season 3. It’s been a long time, my Four Colors readers. Look of it as the summer break that television shows go on (if we’re going to keep the TV analogy going). For myself, I have been enjoying the post-grad life, re-establishing my life and all the fun of having to gain full employment. But now, we’re back, its time to hit the grind and the big question is this: What is Season 3 going to be? On… Read More »

Alexis Fajardo Interview


As a follow up to the Kid Beowulf post from yesterday, I was able to conduct an e-mail interview with Kid Beowulf’s creator, Alexis Fajardo. Not much fanfare to begin it, I’ll just let Lex do the talking. Trevor -What brought about the creation of Kid Beowulf? Lex – Kid Beowulf started out as a lark, really. Years ago, when I began my cartooning career, my focus was on comic strips. My hope was to get my college comic strip,… Read More »

Kid Beowulf and The Four Colors Review


While they might not know him by name, it seems as though many kids would want to be Beowulf. The sword battles, the heroic deeds and courageous actions. And then there’s the business with slaying a dragon. The legend of Beowulf is one that a little kid can spend hours recreating and embellishing. But there is one boy that never had to pretend to be the hero. This is where Alexis Fajardo and his series of books, “Kid Beowulf” enter… Read More »