Scooby Doo and Zombies too! – Four Colors @ Comic-Con

One of my Comic-Con friends, Geoffrey, just called me the Clark Kent of the future. That's high praise. But, also, totally true. As you'll see in the videos, I'm all done up in my formal press attire, so I look pretty Clark Kent-like. But, and this is the crazy part, [...]

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The Days Events – Four Colors @ Comic-Con

My goodness, it is impossible to get a Wi-Fi signal at the SD Convention Center. I had to hoof it all the way to a Starbucks about 8 hlocks away, only to find out that PetCo Park has great wireless right across the street. I will be posting these as [...]

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Four Colors @ Comic-Con

On the road to Comic-Con, took a pit stop on the way. LA traffic was a nightmare. But down in San Diego now and ready for the week ahead.

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The BIG Debate of “Man of Steel”

THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR MAN OF STEEL. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! I saw Man of Steel last weekend. After failing to see the midnight showing (my theater only offered it in 3D and I wisely decided against that), I wanted to wait and get some distance from the film's initial outrage and [...]

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About 30 minutes from now will mark the start of the Image Expo in San Francisco. I am currently waiting in line to get in, updating the blog from my iPad. But I will be doing a full report on the expo later today and/or tomorrow. So make sure to [...]

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In the News: Kick(ed)-Ass

Real quick post again today. I'm working on a much longer piece about the Man of Steel controversy, so look out for that tomorrow! But now, just a few links to a growing story. Jim Carrey, over Twitter this morning, announced that he "cannot support" Kick-Ass 2, in which he is [...]

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Really quick post today. But I do want to take a quick moment and mention that this is the 100th post on Four Colors. Started this blog 4 years ago and I really should have reached the 100 post mark a long while ago, but I just wanted to thank [...]

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Wyld Truth: Age of Ultron

So yesterday, I posted my theory about Marvel's Age of Ultron. Today, the final issue was released and the "unguessable" ending is now known. (Well, actually, the ending was known last night because the issue leaked around 9 PM PST). And while I didn't get it all right, I feel [...]

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Wyld Theory: Age of Ultron

Welcome to Wyld Theory, where I will make crazy, wYld predictions about current/upcoming stories and movies. Today's post is about Marvel's currently running "Age of Ultron." Here is the solicit for the final issue, due out tomorrow. "To save the Marvel Universe, Earth’s Mightiest made the most controversial decision of [...]

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Yesterday, DC Comics released the first few pages of their new Superman comic book, Superman Unchained, written by current DC wonderkind Scott Snyder with pencils from the legendary Jim Lee. The book opens with on a frightened Japanese town, reeling from a recent, horrific attack on a nearby city. A [...]

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