6 Things to Sell to Make Extra Money

Most people get into debt when they’re in need of money. However, there are other ways to get extra cash when you need it. Before you consider borrowing money from a friend or the bank, check whether you have some things that you can sell to make a quick buck. [...]

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6 Things to Know about Passport Photos

The United States Department of State receives a few hundred thousand unacceptable passport photos every year. Know that the photos must look a certain way in order to get accepted. If they don’t, then your passport application will be denied and you’ll have to retake the photos. To avoid this [...]

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How To Evaluate The Mental Health Of A College

At a time in their lives when they are faced with numerous unfamiliar responsibilities and unparalleled levels of stress, students in college are at an increased risk to struggle with common mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. In fact, recent statistics indicate that as many as [...]

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5 Ways to Grow Your Business Fast

Although many new entrepreneurs think that starting a business is complicated, growing it can actually be a much bigger challenge. Nevertheless, it’s necessary for your company to expand in order to survive and become successful. Although many think growing a business is an incredibly slow process, you’ll be able to [...]

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How to Get Your Finances Back on Track

The average person learns proper money management skills much later than they should. Unfortunately, this is a skill that’s not learned in school. In case your parents aren’t good with money, you’ll most likely end up being the same way. Overspending and getting into debt are two major problems most [...]

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Pipelines and Canada’s Economy

Pipelines play an important role in transporting the fuel and products that keep Canadians moving and thriving. But that’s not the only reason they’re important – the pipeline industry is a significant contributor to Canada’s economy. In 2017, Canada’s transmission pipeline companies alone contributed $1.5 billion to government revenues, and [...]

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How to Prepare Your Business for Emergencies

Businesses today face many hazards such as natural disasters, hazards caused by humans and technology-related hazards. Planning for emergencies, disasters and business interruptions is a crucial part of running a business. Natural hazards could be floods, tornados, earthquakes or hurricanes. Hazards caused by humans include accidents and acts of violence [...]

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How to Improve Job Performance as an Accountant

No matter how good you are at your job, there is always room for improvement. Becoming a successful accountant can be very difficult. You will not only have to master various skills in order to do this, but you’ll also constantly work on improving your job performance. Stop Multitasking Despite [...]

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4 Smart Ways For A Parent To MultiTask

There is all sorts of advice that you receive once you become a parent. You might receive some advice from a respected friend that you will remember for the rest of your life, or it might be offhand advice given from an acquaintance that might not particularly apply to your [...]

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Five Careers That Involve Helping People

Sitting in an office behind a computer or working solo in a laboratory are job options that a people person would avoid at all costs. A people person needs to spend their time around people. For some, it’s not enough to be surrounded by people at work; they feel fulfilled [...]

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