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Four Colors – Season 5

Four Colors - Season 5 Title

Hello to the truest of believers! Welcome to Season 5 of FOUR COLORS! We are back after an extended hiatus, but now, there is far too much in the news to leave the blog unattended. My life was upended, in a VERY good way, following Comic-Con and it has taken until this past month for everything to settle down. But now, we are back! Like I said, there is far too much in the news to be silent, especially after… Read More »

The BIG Debate of “Man of Steel”

general zod man of steel-1

THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR MAN OF STEEL. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! I saw Man of Steel last weekend. After failing to see the midnight showing (my theater only offered it in 3D and I wisely decided against that), I wanted to wait and get some distance from the film’s initial outrage and controversy before I waded into the film. I did and I think it was the right call because now I can better focus on the failings of the film (of… Read More »

Wyld Truth: Age of Ultron

So yesterday, I posted my theory about Marvel’s Age of Ultron. Today, the final issue was released and the “unguessable” ending is now known. (Well, actually, the ending was known last night because the issue leaked around 9 PM PST). And while I didn’t get it all right, I feel I got enough to declare a win. Here is what happens: Time gets reset after Hank Pym puts a virus into Ultron that prevents his doomsday plot from happening. The… Read More »

Wyld Theory: Age of Ultron

Welcome to Wyld Theory, where I will make crazy, wYld predictions about current/upcoming stories and movies. Today’s post is about Marvel’s currently running “Age of Ultron.” Here is the solicit for the final issue, due out tomorrow. “To save the Marvel Universe, Earth’s Mightiest made the most controversial decision of their lives resulting a disaster unlike any they’ve seen before,” reads Marvel’s release. “But with one final shot to make things right, can they turn back the hands of time… Read More »


Superman Unchained 1

Yesterday, DC Comics released the first few pages of their new Superman comic book, Superman Unchained, written by current DC wonderkind Scott Snyder with pencils from the legendary Jim Lee. The book opens with on a frightened Japanese town, reeling from a recent, horrific attack on a nearby city. A young boy named Ichuru goes outside to escape his parents’ discussion on the attack, only to look up in the sky and find out that his town is going to… Read More »

Into the Deep End: X-Factor

And now, debuting today, it’s “Jump Into the Deep End.” What these posts are going to be about are just me jumping back into series that I used to read regularly, but ended up dropping along the way for a variety of reasons. These will be much more condensed posts, mainly discussing the the differing contexts of when I last read the book, why I stopped reading, and if this single, out of context issue is enough to bring me… Read More »

This week…

Four Colors - NEWS

Hello Four Colors readers. This week is going to see the debut of some new features to Four Colors. With the relaunch of this blog, I have thought about what to do to make this blog new and exciting for readers (as well as being new and exciting for me to write). So with the promise of more, shorter posts, I am going to be introducing a few new article focuses, which I explain below: Wednesday Reviews (Cool Title TBD)… Read More »

An Age of Ultron

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 THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS TO MARVEL’S “AGE OF ULTRON” MINI-SERIES, CURRENTLY RUNNING. In 1968 (our time), founding Avenger Hank Pym (aka Ant Man aka Giant Man aka Yellowjacket) created a breath-taking artificial intelligence named Ultron. Instantly rebelling against Pym, Ultron teamed with the Masters of Evil to take down the Avengers, almost succeeding (for the first of many times). Pym’s creation has been haunting him ever since, always promising to raze and control Earth but never succeeding…until now. Half the heroes… Read More »

Free Comic Book Day 2013!


[youtube ovhKBHF8] It’s Comic Book Christmas! Today is Free Comic Book Day, the annual tradition of the comic book where, every first Saturday in May, publishers offer free comic books to readers in the hope of enticing them into checking out the rest of their books. The Complete List of Free Comics This year marks the 11th year the industry has done this event and it has grown immensely since then. Over the past few years, Marvel and DC have been using… Read More »

Four Colors. Season 4

Four Colors - Season 4 Title

Every great comic book character has a resurrection story and now, so does Four Colors. I debated back and forth with how I was going to start the blog back up. Initially, I was going to just skirt past the elephant in the room, which is the fact that there have been two (2!) posts in the past year. I wanted it to sound like there was some explanation other than life getting in the way, even make a joke about starting Season… Read More »