In the News: Kick(ed)-Ass

Real quick post again today. I'm working on a much longer piece about the Man of Steel controversy, so look out for that tomorrow! But now, just a few links to a growing story. Jim Carrey, over Twitter this morning, announced that he "cannot support" Kick-Ass 2, in which he is [...]

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Welcome back. It seems that we took an extended commercial break for a bit. Got two or three posts coming in the next week to get back on track, but to get everyone excited for the return of regularity, I wanted to share with you what I am currently reading [...]

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Quick and Adorable

Quick post today. I've been following this website, Comics Alliance, for a little while now and I found this post to be a cute little post about artist Katie Cook and her trading card series that she did from Marvel Comics and I just wanted to share them on this [...]

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Links A Go-Go

Just a real quick post today. I saw some links over the past few days that I felt I wanted to pass along to my lovely readers to let them know what is going on. Here is what we have (Link titles are just for my own fun): Hugo Weaving: [...]

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A Different Kinda “Twilight”

Just a quick post for this one, since I've already posted one thing today. It started out with just trying to find out what was going on with the current Dr. Fate, the last character to be written by the late, great Steve Gerber. But, as always, Wikipedia has a [...]

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24 Hour Comics

Quick post here. This past weekend was 24 Hour Comics Day. Here is the long and short of this exciting event: 24 Hour Comic Book Day was started by cartoonist and comic book theorist, Scott McCloud and artist Steve Bissette all the way back in 1990. The two of them, [...]

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Quick Links

My friends on Facebook know that I read comics so on occasion, I will get links to some pretty funny comic book sites or articles. I personally think that these are really funny. Most of them are from Cracked.com, which I find to be hilarious. It is also for  a [...]

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Marvel/Disney Follow-Up

My friend James just sent me this cartoon from the website HijiNKS Ensue commenting on the Marvel/Disney buy-out and I figured it would be a nice little addition to the blog I LOVE ZAC EFRON!

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Well, I did just post to the blog, but I really think that this is something that should also be posted. A well known, but little discussed fact about comic books is the continually improving treatment of comic book writers and artists. I say contiunally improving because up until the [...]

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