Things for this Weekend

Happy Friday, Four Colors readers! Boy, oh boy! Have some interesting things happened in the past few days. Of course, the biggest news is the release of the first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ho. Lee. Crap. This is one nice trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmeOjFno6Do Marvel had planned on releasing this trailer [...]

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Tonight in Comics…

Real quick post! Wanted to share about two events happening in Petaluma and San Francisco TONIGHT! In Petaluma, author Joe Hill (of Locke & Key fame) is going to be at Copperfield Books, discussing his new book, "NOS4R2" In San Francisco, Four Color Friend Alexis Fajardo will be at the Cartoon [...]

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Free Comic Book Day 2013!

It's Comic Book Christmas! Today is Free Comic Book Day, the annual tradition of the comic book where, every first Saturday in May, publishers offer free comic books to readers in the hope of enticing them into checking out the rest of their books. The Complete List of Free Comics [...]

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Mr. Reece Goes to Comic-Con

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” John Lennon said that. He might not have ever attended Comic-Con, but Mr. Lennon may as well have been describing my time in San Diego when he said it. Every amazing thing that happened, happened without plans. But [...]

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The Video Diaries

So, I had promised some video diaries over the course of Comic-Con. Long story short, I failed in the tech department. (Note in the first video that I use the phrase HOPEFULLY this will be the first of many) My computer could not get internet at the convention center to [...]

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Twas the Night Before Comic-Con

Cover mash up courtesy of superherouniverse.com Technically, its the night BEFORE the "Night Before Comic-Con", but it IS the "Night Before Trevor Leaves for San Diego because He is NOT Doing That Drive in One Day." Comic-Con starts Thursday for most folks, but for a select few who were fortunate [...]

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Peter Parker RIP

Peter Benjamin Parker, Ultimate Spider-Man, has died after succumbing to injuries at the hands of the Norman Osborn and a gunshot wound from protecting Captain Steve Rogers of the Ultimates. He is survived by his aunt, May Parker, his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, his roommates and friends, Johnny Storm (publicly [...]

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Only in comics could the term ape-controlled be used as a legitimate form of description for military foreign policy. New post is underway, but here is a little teaser of what the summer holds for our friends at DC Comics with the summer event book, Flashpoint. But that is not the focus [...]

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WonderCon (A week later)

There is usually a tide of excitement that follows a convention. Events are announced, creators are wheeled out. You remember why you read comics. This past WonderCon (April 1 - 3rd) seemed to be devoid of some of that. Both DC and Marvel (in its first WonderCon in years) were [...]

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WonderCon Tour

Hello faithful readers. The WonderCon write-up will be coming tomorrow, but until then, please enjoy this video I did for the Sonoma State STAR, the other publication that I write for at Sonoma State University, where I am currently finishing my studies. Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow! [...]

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