Dell’s Ducks

Dell Comics released The Funnies in 1929, which is credited as one of the first publications of a comic book with original material. The book was published in tabloid-size, as opposed to the traditional comic book format, which would become standard in 1933 with the release of Famous Funnies (and setting up the long [...]

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Time of the Preacher

The following first appeared on the website of North Hollywood's Blastoff Comics, the second website to carry the comic book musings of Four Colors! Thanks to the whole gang over there!!! Also, NOTE: There is some saucy language in this piece; kind of unavoidable when talking about Preacher... ENJOY!   To lay [...]

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Creator Interviews from SDCC

Fresh from SDCC three months ago, I have some great creator interviews from the Con. In order, you can listen to Sam Humphries (Marvel - The Legendary Star-Lord), Terry Moore (Rachel Rising, Strangers in Paradise), Donny Cates (Dark Horse Comics), Will Carsola and Dave Stewart (Mr. Pickles on adult swim), the two-part [...]

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It’s a Four Color Post, Charlie Brown

There are a few things that I really regret in my life. My performance in college, failing Chemistry in high school, a few relationships that I royally screwed up (and the ones I never let happen). Among those is that I never wrote to Charles Schulz. This past month, BOOM! [...]

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Dotted Lines

  Bil Keane, the creator of Family Circus, passed away last week at the age of 89. Keane came from the same line of thought as Santa Rosa legend, Charles Schulz. In the Associated Press article about Keane's death, Schulz was quoted as saying " I think we share a care for the [...]

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Mr. Reece Goes to Comic-Con

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” John Lennon said that. He might not have ever attended Comic-Con, but Mr. Lennon may as well have been describing my time in San Diego when he said it. Every amazing thing that happened, happened without plans. But [...]

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Planet of the Alternative Press Expos

It seems that October is a great time to like independent comics. October 4th was 24 Hour Comic Book Day, which is explained here. And now, we’ve just had APE (Alternative Press Expo) this past weekend in San Francisco. It’s fitting that APE is a part of Comic-Con International, as [...]

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Alexis Fajardo Interview

As a follow up to the Kid Beowulf post from yesterday, I was able to conduct an e-mail interview with Kid Beowulf's creator, Alexis Fajardo. Not much fanfare to begin it, I'll just let Lex do the talking. Trevor -What brought about the creation of Kid Beowulf? Lex - Kid [...]

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“That cannot be bought back” – Irredeemable

According to dictionary.com, 'that which cannot be brought back" is one of the definitions of the word "Irredeemable." It is also an accurate description of one of comics' newest characters, The Plutonian. We live in a society where we revel in being able to put cracks in perfection. Too many [...]

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A Different Kinda “Twilight”

Just a quick post for this one, since I've already posted one thing today. It started out with just trying to find out what was going on with the current Dr. Fate, the last character to be written by the late, great Steve Gerber. But, as always, Wikipedia has a [...]

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