Peter Parker RIP

Peter Benjamin Parker, Ultimate Spider-Man, has died after succumbing to injuries at the hands of the Norman Osborn and a gunshot wound from protecting Captain Steve Rogers of the Ultimates. He is survived by his aunt, May Parker, his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, his roommates and friends, Johnny Storm (publicly [...]

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Four Colors #1 (vol. 2)

Back in my hometown of Eureka, we have a video rental store. It is called Spotlight Video. For you non-Humboldt natives, it is pretty much a Hollywood Video. Except one thing is definitely different. Now, obviously, with the quick rise of streaming video and RedBox, video rental chains have been [...]

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Under “Locke & Key”

It was a very simple sales pitch. It's the final day of WonderCon and I was at the IDW booth. I had really no intent of picking up a book. I was hoping to talk to some of the sales people, namely one of the people I regularly talk to [...]

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Only in comics could the term ape-controlled be used as a legitimate form of description for military foreign policy. New post is underway, but here is a little teaser of what the summer holds for our friends at DC Comics with the summer event book, Flashpoint. But that is not the focus [...]

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"I want to ask you, listeners...if you think you're good people. And if you are, how do you know?" It takes nothing more than a tape recorder to completely understand these characters. The story opens with Joe receiving an unknown tape from Emily. In her one way conversation, Emily lays [...]

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The Trouble with Teens

I just watched the preview for Young Justice. It's a new series premiering at the beginning of 2011 on Cartoon Network and will be focusing on the young sidekicks of DC Comics: Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Aqualad, etc. But as I watched it, I was struck by two things. 1. [...]

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Hundreds and Hundreds

This past year has been an important one for DC. Not only have they been publishing some great books, but the company has has several important anniversaries to celebrate. The first of which is their 75th anniversary of existence. DC has been publishing books for the past 75 years, a [...]

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Thaddeus K. Fong: Martyr for Truth

Readers of the blog may know that I am a huge fan of Gene Luen Yang. I’ve reviewed his previous two books released through :01 Second Publishing (American Born Chinese and The Eternal Smile) and now I have the chance to review his most recent book, “Prime Baby.” Thaddeus K. [...]

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Kill Will

"Justice League of Shakespeare." That is how writer Anthony Del Col pitched IDW's new series "Kill Shakespeare," which just had issue 2 hit the stands last week. The premise is a simple one: Hamlet, prince of Denmark is tossed out of his kingdom after he kills the king's (his uncle) [...]

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Kid Beowulf and The Four Colors Review

While they might not know him by name, it seems as though many kids would want to be Beowulf. The sword battles, the heroic deeds and courageous actions. And then there’s the business with slaying a dragon. The legend of Beowulf is one that a little kid can spend hours [...]

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