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The Death of Wolverine


“Tepid.” That is the best word to describe Charles Soule and Steve McNiven’s The Death of Wolverine, the final (for now) story of Marvel’s premier mutant. I got it from CBR’s The Buy Pile and I find the word “tepid” to be so perfect. Never has a blaze of glory felt so stale. This week, The Death of Wolverine concluded with issue 4. Written by Soule (who just became exclusive to Marvel) and art by McNiven, the mini-series showed the… Read More »

Creator Interviews from SDCC


Fresh from SDCC three months ago, I have some great creator interviews from the Con. In order, you can listen to Sam Humphries (Marvel - The Legendary Star-Lord), Terry Moore (Rachel Rising, Strangers in Paradise), Donny Cates (Dark Horse Comics), Will Carsola and Dave Stewart (Mr. Pickles on adult swim), the two-part interview with the creators/producers of Robot Chicken – Zeb Wells, Tom Root, Matthew Senreich, and Breckin Meyer, and finally, Jack McBrayer, Robert Smigel, and Michael Koman (Untitled Jack McBrayer/Triumph the… Read More »

Four Colors – Season 5

Four Colors - Season 5 Title

Hello to the truest of believers! Welcome to Season 5 of FOUR COLORS! We are back after an extended hiatus, but now, there is far too much in the news to leave the blog unattended. My life was upended, in a VERY good way, following Comic-Con and it has taken until this past month for everything to settle down. But now, we are back! Like I said, there is far too much in the news to be silent, especially after… Read More »

Days of Marvel Present (Part 2 of 3)

The following first appeared in the June edition of Culture Counter Magazine. But I wrote it (and totally spaced on re-posting it), so we’re also gonna post it on the blog too. Enjoy! Part 2: Cracks in the Mark 42 Armor The “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ is basically the first post-”Avengers” superhero film. The three films Marvel Studios has released since (“Iron Man 3″, “Thor: The Dark World”, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”) were already in motion, as part of their oft-mentioned “Phase… Read More »

Days of Marvel Past (Part 1 of 3)

The following first appeared in the April edition of Culture Counter Magazine. But I wrote it, so we’re also gonna post it on the blog too. Enjoy! Part 1: Nothing Lasts Forever The first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, in fact Spidey’s first tussle with a super villain, features the Fantastic Four. In what is clearly a classic Stan Lee market move (their introductory caption begins “Extra Bonus Extra!!”), Peter Parker tries to get a job with the team as a… Read More »

Wednesday Reviews – March 12

Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Reviews – Week of March 12 Hawkeye #17 Written by Matt Fraction Art by Chris Eliopoulos Published by Marvel There isn’t a nice thing that can be said about this book that hasn’t already been said before. Currently one of, if not the, most loved book Marvel is currently publishing, Hawkeye has been thoroughly engaging since it first began, with wonderful, exciting writing from Matt Fraction and amazing art from the rotating team of David Aja and Annie Wu, who have… Read More »

Wednesday Reviews – March 5

Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Reviews – Week of March 5 Moon Knight #1 Written by Warren Ellis Art by Declan Shalvey Published by Marvel Warren Ellis has a real flare for relaunches, which he first proved in spades back in 1996 when he took over Stormwatch, which would become the ground-breaking The Authority and most recently in 2007 when he recreated the Thunderbolts, one of the strongest pillars of Marvel’s 10  year (or so) odyssey into the darkness of their superheroes. With the success he has had in… Read More »

Wednesday Reviews – Feb. 26

Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Reviews – Week of February 26   Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand #5 Written by Brian Michael Bendis Art by Mark Bagley Published by Marvel Finally, Age of Ultron is behind us. The biggest piece of fallout from this story was the voyage of the purple, planet-eater Galactus to Marvel’s Ultimate universe and now, we have the conclusion to the story. Bendis is THE Ultimate writer. He has written damn near every word of Ultimate Spider-Man, on top of being… Read More »

Chip Mosher/ComiXology – The Four Color Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to a new day for Four Colors and the start of the new PODCAST! Very excited as FC dives further into the digital age and could not have a better topic/person for the first episode. Today, I’m talking to Chip Mosher, VP Communications & Marketing for ComiXology, the “iTunes Store of digital comics.” Chip gave a great interview and shed some more light on the growing presence of digital in the life and times of comic books. So, without… Read More »

End of the Road – Four Colors @ Comic-Con


Oh man. Another Comic-Con for the books. Had an absolute blast, defintely the best Con experience I have had so far. Got to meet so many people, had the equipment to real-time a lot of the event, had some stellar interviews and an overall amazing time. Already, I cannot wait for next year. Here are the final pieces of my Comic-Con experience: Interviews with the casts of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Adult Swim insanity known as The Heart, She… Read More »