Every week there is a new episode of The Flash, I, along with my co-host, Chris Fimbres, will discuss the show. What is in store for the Flash this year? Check back every week to find out!

Fall Finale time is here for us and The Flash goes out with a few bangs. Three Rogues, Patty on a rampage, Harry makes a deal with the goddamn devil, and the debut of Wally West.

Trevor and Chris talk about what they have liked this season (Trevor – Patty, Chris – ZOOM), what they did not like (Jay Garrick’s bitch ass and the dramatic decrease in puns), and why Jesse L. Martin deserves all the awards. Plus, some WILD speculating about what is to come for the rest of the season and when we return on Jan. 19 with Barry’s possible (inevitable?) reveal of his ID to Patty.

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