Every week there is a new episode of The Flash, I, along with my co-host, Chris Fimbres, will discuss the show. What is in store for the Flash this year? Check back every week to find out!

“Harrison Wells: Portrait of a Dick” The arrival of Harry Wells brings all the Earth 2 stories to a head. What is Harry’s deal? How is he going to help Team Flash? Will he and Jay Garrick come to blows? (The answers are: “Still unsure,” “By being a dick,” and “Yes!”)

And to top it all off, love is in the air with Barry and Patty, Jay and Caitlin, Cisco and Kendra Saunders (aka Hawkgirl). Plus, Iris is a badass with a gun and we have two Linda Parks. Trevor and Chris have so much to talk about this week that they aren’t sure if they even covered the essentials.

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