Hello Four Colors!

I am PLEASED to announce the start of our SECOND comic book podcast – The Podcast of Two Worlds, all about The Flash on The CW.

Every week there is a new episode of The Flash, I, along with my co-host, Chris Fimbres, will discuss the show. What is in store for the Flash this year? Check back every week to find out!

More like the fury of Henry Hewitt! Rage monsters aside, this episode is the second episode in a row to side-step the Earth 2 of things. Jay Garrick isn’t even in the episode and Harrison Wells hangs in the shadows until the end. But there is still plenty to talk about: Jefferson Jackson, King Shark, Wally West!!! And to top it all off, a connection to the worst Batman movie of all time. We might have a new drinking game on our hands with Jax behind the wheel of Firestorm and Trevor finally remembers the name of the actress playing Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten).

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