Hello Four Colors!

I am PLEASED to announce the start of our SECOND comic book podcast – The Podcast of Two Worlds, all about The Flash on The CW.

Every week there is a new episode of The Flash, I, along with my co-host, Chris Fimbres, will discuss the show. What is in store for the Flash this year? Check back every week to find out!

Trevor and Chris hit the ground running with the Season 2 opener, “The Man Who Saved Central City.” Everybody has an opinion about who that is, from Trevor and Chris to the characters themselves and it is far from unanimous. New foes, new love, new powers, new Flashes; Season 2 is hoping to be bigger and better than the first one. So far, Trevor and Chris agree. EDDIE WATCH! and new segment WILD SPECULATION CORNER both have eyes to the future and to quote Barry Allen: “It’ll be here faster than we think.”

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