Hello Four Colors!

I am PLEASED to announce the start of our SECOND comic book podcast – The Podcast of Two Worlds, all about The Flash on The CW.

Every week there is a new episode of The Flash, I, along with my co-host, Chris Fimbres, will discuss the show. What is in store for the Flash this year? Check back every week to find out!

Spinning off of “The Trevor Reece Comic a Book Podcast,” Trevor Reece and Chris Fimbres are die-hard “Flash” fans, The CW show lighting up the superhero genre on TV. Prepare for Flash Facts at the speed of light as they break down The Flash and his journey through Season 1. Who is better – Captain Cold or Reverse-Flash? What’re the metahuman journeys of Caitlin and Cisco? And how many more speedsters are still to come? Plus, EDDIE WATCH! – the weekly installment of Chris and Trevor’s search for the currently lost-in-time/dead Eddie Thawne.

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