Hello Four Colors!

I am PLEASED to announce the start of my new comic book podcast – The Trevor Reece Comic Book Podcast (formerly Let’s Talk Comics!)

This podcast will be taking the place of the single episode of the Four Colors podcast. This will be far more in-depth, as we spend each episode tackling a specific book or series. In addition, we will have celebrity guests (as the podcast expands out), so be on the lookout for that. New episodes of The Trevor Reece Comic Book Podcast will be released every Friday and I will repost the SoundCloud version here on Four Colors every week. Stay tuned, true believers!

Comic-Con is happening RIGHT NOW! With so much attention on the market at this moment, it’s a good time to talk about the home of all these wonderful things: the comic book shop. This week’s guest is Jud Meyers, co-owner and operator of Blastoff Comics in North Hollywood. Jud is a wealth of information, both as a fan and as a businessman, so sit back and get ready to be engaged, nod along, and occasionally say “Oh, that’s really interesting.” New episodes of the Trevor Reece Comic Book Podcast arrive on stands every Friday!