Hello to the truest of believers!

Welcome to Season 5 of FOUR COLORS! We are back after an extended hiatus, but now, there is far too much in the news to leave the blog unattended. My life was upended, in a VERY good way, following Comic-Con and it has taken until this past month for everything to settle down. But now, we are back!

Like I said, there is far too much in the news to be silent, especially after this past weekend’s New York Comic-Con, which is looking to supplant SDCC as the premier comic convention. If you have read what news has come out of NYCC, you know that is not be an empty threat. And now, with the television season in full swing with no less than 7 comic book shows on the networks and today’s bomb from Warner Bros about their future superhero movie plans, we are inching closer and closer to critical mass. (And by inching, I mean taking great, big Paul Bunyan steps). By 2020, we will know if superheroes are a fad or a new genre of entertainment like crime shows or period movies.

Credit: Warner Bros./Deadline Retrieved from Newsarama

Credit: Warner Bros./Deadline
Retrieved from Newsarama

Like most shows that reach season 5, this means we are ready for syndication! Season 5 will see Four Colors expand to other sites, like we have been for the past two Marvel posts from Culture Counter. There are some other websites that Four Colors may be extending its reach into over the course of the next year, so keep your eyes out for that!

I am also very excited for a piece that should be ready come November. One of the stories to come from this past summer’s SDCC is the story of John Murphy. I’m upset that the blog’s sidelining has meant that John’s story has been delayed because he is a talented artist with one hell of a history to share and he is getting his feet back into the game with some pretty high-profile offers. As Four Colors gets back up and running, John’s story will be one of the pieces to kick off the new season and one that I am extremely fortunate to have been able to meet John. Not just to be the one to share his story, but just to have met the man myself. John is a fascinating, lovely person and hopefully, you will know about that as well soon enough.

The plan for the new season is going to be simple at first. Regular readers of Four Colors know that a lot tends to be promised, with varying degrees of follow-through. We are going to be starting off slow. Next week will mark the return of Wednesday Reviews, which will cover more titles, but less in-depth. ComiXology, who is a friend of Four Colors, will also be highlighted with a spotlight on one of the creator-owned imprint, SUBMIT. And Four Color Commentary, the new, or rather, official name of the blog’s podcast, should be back, once I can get my hands on some solid recording equipment.

Wolverine is dead, the Justice League are coming to the big screen, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Season 5 starts now with the SDCC interviews that have long been on SoundCloud, but now are on the blog! Stay tuned…


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