Really quick post today.

But I do want to take a quick moment and mention that this is the 100th post on Four Colors. Started this blog 4 years ago and I really should have reached the 100 post mark a long while ago, but I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported and read the blog over the years and that I really appreciate all of my readers. So thank you!

Now that we have that taken care of, let’s get into it. This week, DC unveiled the first trailer for their new Batman cartoon, Beware the Batman! This looks like it is going to be more in line with the recent Batman animated shows (The Batman, The Brave and The Bold) than the Bruce Timm classic Batman: The Animated Series, but maybe it will be a surprisingly dark and intriguing show (like the dearly departed Young Justice became).

In other Batman related news (and another “Something I will post about in the future” item), DC released some teasers about the next big Batman story line: Year Zero

Here is the trailer and I will see you all next week and for a 100 more posts!