So yesterday, I posted my theory about Marvel’s Age of Ultron.

Today, the final issue was released and the “unguessable” ending is now known. (Well, actually, the ending was known last night because the issue leaked around 9 PM PST). And while I didn’t get it all right, I feel I got enough to declare a win. Here is what happens:

Time gets reset after Hank Pym puts a virus into Ultron that prevents his doomsday plot from happening. The time-travelling Wolverine and Sue Storm are sent back to their original times, but then the world cracks.

So far I’m right, but this is where I went wrong. As opposed breaking, it’s more like time is a skipping CD. The universes are still separate, but now, some characters are pretty far from home. Galactus is now in the Ultimate Universe, which establishes that “Hunger” is actually an Ultimate event series.

And as you can see, a lot of other things get extremely messed up as well. And this is what bring Image Comic’s Angela into the Marvel U.

So, Marvel has decided to finally get into the Multiverse game. We’ll see how well it works out for them. After seeing DC’s mistakes, there is faith that Marvel knows what it is doing. But strong writers and editors have tried this before and failed, so we’ll see how it works out for the House of Ideas.

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