Hello Four Colors readers.

This week is going to see the debut of some new features to Four Colors. With the relaunch of this blog, I have thought about what to do to make this blog new and exciting for readers (as well as being new and exciting for me to write). So with the promise of more, shorter posts, I am going to be introducing a few new article focuses, which I explain below:

Wednesday Reviews (Cool Title TBD)

I am going to be doing shorter, weekly reviews of the books hitting the stands. This will be a combination of books from the Top 2 (Marvel and DC), along with smaller press books. It’s taking the longer, in-depth reviews of the past and condensing them, which also allows for me to discuss books that might not otherwise warrant a longer review.

Jump Into the Deep End

As any comic book reader knows, there are always titles that you will end up dropping. For any variety of reasons, the book no longer holds your focus or a new creative team comes in and kinda trashes what you liked about a book, titles end up at the bottom of the totem pole until they are ultimately left behind. This feature is going to be about trying to go back to a book and seeing if the magic has returned. This will also be a review of sorts, discussing what I initially enjoyed about the book and why I left it, along with wading through the mess of the story lines that cropped up since I left the book.

Wyld Theory

(Yes. This is a reference to “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”) Every now and then, a book or a movie comes along completely shrouded in mystery. As it gets closer, more little nuggets of information become available, but until the final product can be enjoyed, it is unknown what will actually happen. These posts will be like trying to guess what the deal with the Smoke Monster from “Lost” is, but applied to upcoming comic book projects.


This is something that I have actually wanted to do with the blog for quite some time. I have a HUGE list of books that I have long been on the shelves that I have wanted to write about for no other reason other than them being awesome and wanting people to be aware of their awesomeness. This one is different from the others in that it will be using the longer article format, just discussing older/concluded series.

So, starting tomorrow with Wednesday Reviews (seriously, I will have a better title for it hopefully by tomorrow), I will be rolling out these new features. Thursday, I will be jumping back into Peter David’s “X-Factor” and Friday, I will be discussing some Wyld Theories about the upcoming “unguessable” conclusion to Marvel’s “Age of Ultron.” The Flashbacks feature will be popping up some time during this summer.

So get ready for some new features with Four Colors that will, hopefully, provide readers with some new books to check out.