Welcome to Season 3. It’s been a long time, my Four Colors readers. Look of it as the summer break that television shows go on (if we’re going to keep the TV analogy going). For myself, I have been enjoying the post-grad life, re-establishing my life and all the fun of having to gain full employment. But now, we’re back, its time to hit the grind and the big question is this:

What is Season 3 going to be?

On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 3 was the last one to take place during high school and the last to feature Buffy’s love, Angel. On Friends, season 3 saw the end of Ross and Rachel as a couple. Season 3 of Boy Meets World saw Cory and Topanga say “I love you” for the first time. Season 3 is the make or break of any show. It proves the staying power of any idea and is the transition period between new show and the established. If you aren’t going to sustain or improve, then its time to cut your losses. That is what is on my mind as the new year begins for Four Colors. Either remains a moderately updated outlet about my passion for comics or it becomes something more.

Like I said in the beginning, I have recently finished school. With the relief that comes with that also comes the next stage, the professional level. I am proud of this blog, but I am not in college anymore and if it is going to continue, then it needs to be brought up to the same professional/adult level that I am expecting of everything else in my life.

This past year, the blog has transitioned into an outlet of displaying small press and independent writer/artists. It has also become a place for my own thoughts and feelings on the bigger issues facing the comic book industry. That won’t be changing. It still remains the mission statement of Four Colors and a darn good one. But now, it’s time to test the limits of that idea.

It wasn’t until recently that the enormity of the Internet was brought to my attention. Compared to print and television, the Internet is gigantic. Anyone can have a blog about anything. That is an overwhelming thought, especially for someone hoping to become Internet famous like myself.

So, like I spoke on last year, what I can offer is the fantastic work of the friends I have made from working on this blog. People like Paige Braddock, whose Jane’s World comic recently celebrated its ten year anniversary. And Alexis Fejardo, who has the third book in his Kid Beowulf coming out within the next couple of months. And then there are the books of publishers like :01 Books and IDW Publishing, who have been helping the blog out since it started. I will also be looking into the past of some of my favorite creators, discussing their current books and some of their seminal work from the past, something I have been wanting to do with the blog for some time now. This year will see the blog grow and expand to become the household name it is meant to be, a rise in profile and coverage of some great books.

Four Colors is back and aiming to be better than ever. This weekend, I will be starting the new year with a post on the recent death of Bill Keane, creator of Family Circus and the new life of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts, which has recently begun a new line of comic books through BOOM! Studios (with work from both Paige and Lex). As always, stay tuned True Believers and keep reading!