So, I had promised some video diaries over the course of Comic-Con.

Long story short, I failed in the tech department. (Note in the first video that I use the phrase HOPEFULLY this will be the first of many) My computer could not get internet at the convention center to save its life and my camera died on me (with no hope of an on-site revival). But now, back to a less-stressed environment, I can catch up on the promised. I got three before the camera went kaput. And as soon as I can get them off my phone, I also have some videos of Jim Lee drawing, an Adventure Time Chinese New Year parade and a religious debate. Over the next 24+ hours, I will also be posting interviews with Joe Hill and Paul Dini (which will have audio if I can get the file) as well as my final thoughts on the weekend and, what the hell, I’m seeing it today anyway, a review of Captain America because MAN, that movie looks sweet. Stay tuned, more to come.