Quick post today. I’ve been following this website, Comics Alliance, for a little while now and I found this post to be a cute little post about artist Katie Cook and her trading card series that she did from Marvel Comics and I just wanted to share them on this blog as well. And not only are they cute, they are also really well done pieces.

Katie Cook is Cute

Also, be sure to check back on the blog soon. I’m in the process of reading a few books that will be reviewed and discussed in the near future. They include

Kid Beowulf

Prime Baby

The Unwritten

Siege and the upcoming Heroic Age

Plus, a few others that are coming up.

Keep a closer on Kid Beowulf as it is done by local artist (and friend of the blog) Alexis Fajardo and his next book “Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland” is coming out this month. Support your local artists!