WonderCon wrapped up earlier today and I literally just got back from San Francisco (the rain made me hide out in a Starbucks for a while instead of hopping the BART outta town). I will be conducting my wrap up of the Con over the next day or so, but I will say right now that it was RIDICULOUSLY FUN! I highly recommend going to it next year. But for now, I will rest and start counting the days until Comic Con San Diego (roughly only four months of waiting).

Be sure to check the blog over the next couple of days because not only will I be doing the wrap up, but I met a lot of great artists and writers who have given me great ideas to write about their work. So, Four Colors is going to be hopping over the next week and you need to be reading or you’ll be missing out on learning about some great hidden treasures in the comic book world.

PS. If you are press at a comic book convention, make sure to have a business card. I had to rely too much on my college kid charm to get me through.