Just a quick post for this one, since I’ve already posted one thing today.

It started out with just trying to find out what was going on with the current Dr. Fate, the last character to be written by the late, great Steve Gerber. But, as always, Wikipedia has a way of taking over the flow of the mind. One link leads to several and I was led to an article that I had forgotten existed. It is about the greatest comic book story never told, “Twilight of the Superheroes.” I just wanted to post the link to the site, but also give a quick synopsis of the project.

Proposed in 1987 following the publication of his opus, “Watchmen,” Alan Moore sought to correct one of the problems in the super-hero genre of comic books. Moore felt that what kept characters like Batman and Superman from becoming the American versions of the Greek legends was that they didn’t have an ending like so many other stories to come before them. This was going to be such an ending.

Here is the link to the page that has all the information on the series and it is quite fascinating to see what could’ve been.

Twilight of the Superheroes

And, as Wikipedia points out, several of the story points from the proposal have slowly found their way into actual DC continuity in the 20+ years since the initial proposal. Ironically, this “ending” brought about the real ending of Alan Moore’s relationship with DC and brought Moore from being an talented writer to a comics legend.


Image from DC’s Kingdom Come.