It seems that the battle lines are being drawn even deeper in the sand. In a move out of seemingly nowhere, Disney has acquired Marvel, pending board approval and antitrust review, for roughly $4 billion.

The full story from Yahoo! News is HERE

To me, this is rather ironic that Disney would buy Marvel, seeing as their rival, DC Comics, is owned by the animation rival of Disney, Time-Warner. So where Batman has Bugs Bunny to call upon, Spider-Man can now team-up with Goofy. From reading the article, Disney seems to have a deal similar to what it had with Pixar, which had a few third-party contracts at the time of the acquisition. Marvel has licensing agreements with 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures, to name a few. Once those have expired, Disney is expected to pick them up.

I don’t see any issue with this. It seems that there is only good things that can happen from this deal. Disney is looking to get more men and boys into their market and Marvel now has access to a much larger audience, with the products of Disney already well-beloved around the world. It doesn’t hurt that Marvel’s properties are nearly in that same league to start off with.

What are your thoughts of this new merger? Do you want to see Tony Stark and Scrooge McDuck discuss business practices? Or do you just wish the House of Mouse would leave to House of Ideas alone? Post your thoughts.



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