Well, it finally happened. Eternal teenage bachelor Archie Andrews has made his decision and it is Veronica Lodge. In part of a celebration of Archie #600, Hollywood producer Michael Uslan (responsible for producing the “Batman” movies) has come aboard the comic book to share this tale of Archie finally choosing between Betty and Veronica.

The tale starts right at the cusp of the Riverdale gang about to graduate high school. Following the final gig of their band, The Archies, Archie finds himself unable to really grasp the reality of leaving high school. He then, in total Archie style, goes for a walk UP a literal Memory Ln. and lands back at his house in time for college graduation. Again, Archie has to deal with the reality of growing up and what to do after school, but this time, he decides to make a bold move and asks Veronica to marry him, solving several problems at once as the proposal also gets him a job with his future father-in-law, Hiram Lodge: Millionaire. The news of all this, of course, greatly upsets Betty

For me personally, I have always been a Betty fan. I think that most people tend to be. Who doesn’t like the sweet Girl Next Door? Veronica has always been that girl that guys fantasize about being with but is never the girl to settle down with and always seemed like she should be with Reggie, if anyone. So it is quite a shock that they would go with Veronica for this story.

Over the next six months, the world is going to be able to see what life has in store for Archie and his blushing bride. But will Archie reconsider his choice or remain with Veronica? Who do you think Archie should have chosen?

 As a special treat, the night before the issue was released, Stephen Colbert commented on the situation and the evils of Betty finding independence outside of Archie

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