There is a new comic book star that has been gracing the covers of several books in the past few months. He has caused quite a stir, even anger from some with some of the books released with him on the cover. No, I’m not talking about any super heroes. I’m talking about Barack Obama, President of the United States.

dragon_obamaI was reading an issue of the comic-centric Wizard Magazine recently that had an article that inspired this one. It was about the recent rush of Obama comics, most notably in the comics published by Image. Image is really using Obama, with one of the flagship characters, The Savage Dragon, openly endorsing him on the cover of a book released just before the election. Now that he is president, he is also a recurring character in Rob Liefield’s “Youngbloods,” about a group of powered government operatives. In terms of the mainstream publishers, the only one to rival Obama-love is Marvel.

Marvel has always had a knack for attempting to reflect the real world. They’ve even had Stephen Colbert appear in a Marvel comic, so it only makes sense that they would have Obama, who has appeared in many of their books, most notably in a back-up story in “Amazing Spider-Man #583.” The much publicized story featured Spider-Man saving Obama at the Inauguration from one of his villains, the master mimic Chameleon. But he has also been seen in conference with characters from “The Black Panther” and was attacked by Norman Osborn AND The Green Goblin on Air Force One in a few issues of “Thunderbolts.”

On the other end of it, publisher IDW has a series that is chronicling Obama’s life and timeobama-008-774999 in the White House. The first issue is titled “Barack Obama: The Road to the White House.” They have also put out a biography book and a book chronicling his first 100 days. A trade paperback collecting all the stories is set for release this October.

But while these books have some semblance of reality to them, either in the up keeping of the established worlds or reflections of our own worlds, some have really just gone somewhere else completely; both examples published Devil’s Due Press. The first is “Drafted: One Hundred Days.” This is actually an on-going story that involves the world being attacked by aliens and the human reaction to it. In “One Hundred Days,” Obama is almost mute, having been injured in the invasion. He has also lost his family in the conflict and is only remembered as an up and coming senator before the invasion. But that dynamic, charismatic personality still shines through. He is still a leader and a man of personal integrity, just now forging for supplies and re-building a decimated Chicago.

This brings us to the most out there use of Obama with “Barack the Barbarian.” With a obama-barbariancover featuring a Schwarzenegger-built Obama holding a bloody axe, protecting a busty vixen and Dick Cheney in the background as the villain, this one truly has it all. The first issue of the story, titled “QUEST FOR THE TREASURE OF STIMULI!” (with the way this book is going, what the STIMULI is can be anyone’s guess. I’m inclined to think that it will involved more scantily clad women), features several political figures. On top of Obama and Cheney, there are appearances by Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Sarah Palin (named Hilaria, The Old Warrior, and Red Sarah respectively), as well as the Lincoln Memorial (known now as the Temple of the Emancipator). The story is a complete rip-off of Conan the Barbarian stories. The dialogue is really cheesy and filled with some awful lines like “I certainly hope this story doesn’t end in a Malcom X Machina!” And while it is not worth the $3.50 price tag, which is less than most of the other books, it is kind of funny to see these public figures in such a ridiculous fashion.

And as Obama fever begins to die down in the US, I’d say that its safe to say that these books won’t be around for much longer. The thought of a “Barack the Magical Wizard and his Dragon of Reform” comic book coming out in his second year, let alone his second term, seems to be a more far-fetched idea every day. But for now, the cheesy goodness of Obama in comics continues, if only for a limited time.

NOTE: “Barack the Magical Wizard and his Dragon of Reform” is trademarked by Trevor Reece

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