So, its Wednesday and I am kinda tapped out on writing longer pieces, so I decided to just share with you, the internet, what I was planning on picking up today, with a little synopsis of what each title was going to be about.

Amazing Spider-Man #601 – This will be the first time that Peter Parker has been seen knowingly interacting with Mary Jane after their marriage was mystically wiped away from history (WAY too long of a story to get into here). While people are awfully upset with marriage wipe, I’ve really been digging Spider-Man since the new status quo was introduce January of ’08. It has led to a tighter narrative, the most compelling and clearly defined supporting cast since the reboot in 1999. And it got John Romita Jr. back on the title, so that is ALWAYS a plus in my book. (Marvel)

captain-america-reborn-1-alex-ross11Captain America: Reborn #2 – This is such a no brainer. Ed Brubaker has always been on when writing Captain America and now he has Brian Hitch, who introduced himself to a larger crowd drawing Ultimate Captain America, so that is a one-two combo that can’t really be beat. But the cherry on top is that it features Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, who was assassinated in 2007, returning from the dead. While it hasn’t been established that Cap’s return will last (he is currently unhinged from time), it will be an engaging read. (Marvel)

The Boys 33: What would you do if you had super-powers? Would you become a psychopathic hedonist who views regular human beings as less than ants? That’s what writer Garth Ennis seems to think and so he created “The Boys,” a book about a CIA backed group that is in-charge of keeping the superhero community in check. The superheroes are thinly (and by “thinly,” I mean almost non-existent) veiled recreation of the mainstream heroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.) and are portrayed as moral-less [insert fitting expletive] and the Boys never hold back. Add in a growing conspiracy and the great writing/artwork pair of Ennis and Derrick Robertson and this title, which just passed its halfway mark, is a “can’t miss” book. (Dynamite)deadpoolmerc02

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #2: Launched last month on the heels of his appearance in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and a superbly crafter main title, the literally mentally unstable mercenary Deadpool gets a second book that looks to just take him on one crazy adventure to another. The lead, six issue arc is about Deadpool getting a new sidekick: his own head. For some as yet unexplained reason, Deadpool’s head has come from another dimension and is zombie-fied. The thought of two Deadpools is something that I personally think is a grand idea and Deadpool has been done so well as of late that this character just keeps getting better and better. (Marvel)

Irredeemable Trade Paperback (Collecting issues 1 – 4): I only managed to get the first issue of this great new series by Mark Waid, but that is enough to get me to pick up this trade. The basic premise is: What if the greatest hero became the greatest villain? Waid delivers big time on this premise, with gruesome first few pages that show a hero, The Plutonian (a standard Superman copy) murdering the family of a former ally with his heat vision. Mark Waid is a great writer and has proven this time and time again and “Irredeemable” is him getting to take one of his ideas and stretch it to the breaking point. Issue #5 also comes out today. (BOOM!) *Check back soon because I’ll be discussing “Irredeemable” in the near future.

That’s about all I have on my little wish list for today. No DC, but I bet that will change next week. Did you pick up anything today?

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